Over Again

People never did believe me when I said Harry Styles was my best friend when I was younger. Everyone would call me a liar, but it's true. I met Harry when I was around 4 or 5 when I used to live in Holmes Chapel. Harry and I would do all kinds of stuff together. We were inseparable. However, Harry's parents had a few fights once in a while so things often didn't work with him sometimes. I was his shoulder to cry on. One day Harry came to me crying. His mum and dad were getting divorced and Harry was being forced to move away. We were just 7 so we didn't really understand the situation at that time but when Harry moved away, everything went downhill. I was depressed. I was an outcast and I didn't really talk to people anyone. Was he even going to come back for me? Would we ever see each other again?


1. Bestfriends

5 years old


Today was the first day of school. I was really excited and my best friend Harry and I were going together! We lived near the school so his sister Gemma would walk us and we'd wait for the bell to ring. We live in Holmes Chapel, a pretty small town actually. Harry and I have been best friends for a year now. We did everything together. We were inseparable.  Gemma and I were really close too and we treated each other like sisters. She was older then the both of us but that didn't matter.

The doorbell rang, Harry's here! I smiled and yelled "Mum! Harry's here! I'm going to school now see you later!" I opened the door and there stood a smiling Harry. "Hey Harry!" I said as I hugged my best friend. "Alainaaa! Readyyy?" He said dragging the a and y. I giggled, he always knew how to make me laugh. "Ready!" I said as I pulled away from our tight hug and grabbed my things. "Hi Gem!" I said as I went running towards her. "Hey! You guys ready?" "Let's go!" Harry and I both said at the same time. We looked at each other and he grabbed my hand as we began walking to school.

At School

"Okay you two, be good and don't make any trouble now." Harry and I just laughed and said goodbye to Gemma. We walked into the school hand and hand we were only in kindergarten so the school wasn't too big.

Authors Note: so i'm not gonna go through the whole school day because that would just take up the story.

After School:

Harry and I were going to just going to go to the local bakery, pick up some pastries for us to eat later and then walk home. As soon as we got our food we just started walking and talking. Our flats were only 5-10 minutes away anyway.

"Harry can I ask you something?"

"What is it Alaina?"

"Promise you won't leave right? That will be together and live here for ever and ever?"

"I promise. When we get older, maybe we can buy a house and we can live together. Wouldn't  that be great?"

"Yeah just you and me and we could play all day.."


Harry: When Alaina asked me that question I knew I had to promise her that. She was my best friend. She always will be wether we get separated or not. I loved her and she was like a sister to me. I honestly don't know what'd I'd do without her, my life would be nothing without her here. For the rest of the way home we just walked in silence, not because we were mad or because it was awkward..nothing like that. We were just thinking. 

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