Reinvent Picasso

The thoughts of a young person on April 9th 1973.
I could be mine, I think. Bored because I think I'd know everything, so bored that my mind is trying to help me with a new reality.
Bet you know that feeling, when you are sure that nothing is able to surprise you
and suddenly you are disabused.


1. Don't you dare to reinvent Picasso!


It's the morning of April 9th 1973,

the wind blows against the wings of a crow and leads it to me.

I'm a young artist ... calling myself wise, but not the smartest.

My head's upturned, I'm not surprised,

today, God ignores me through the darkest of dark skies that have ever been over


Not only my girl but also the form of a cloud is asking me in vain for a last dance.

Seems like the crow has something to say,

I don't wanna hear it but knew it's gonna tell it anyway ...

I flinch, can't believe it, give me a minute to think.

People call themself artists only because somebody said so, although

they could, I could, only affix my signature under the picture 

of people, who survived Picasso.

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