There was this one girl, she goes to her first day of the last year of university and she see's someone thats not familiar to the university. His name is Louis Tomlinson, after university had finished that day Louis asked Shoshanna if she would like to come to his apartment and meet the guys Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall but he also said to bring some friends over, that when she takes a liking for Louis>3

Author's comments:
This book took me so long to figure out the story plot. Hope you like the new book.
The first chapter is Meeting Him
xoxo Shushi>3 Cookie Monster>3


5. Lunch with Louis and the lads

Shoshanna's P.O.V

I was checking my facebook and that on my laptop when my friends rang me.

It was Amy.

"hello i said

"Hey i cant come to the lunch im busy sorry' she explained

' no thats ok ill find someone else' i said 

" ok g2g bye' she said

" bye" i said.

She hung up.

Damn who else could i ask to bring to lunch?

Ill Ring one of my closet friends Natasha(nickname: Tash).

I dialled the number.

Ring RIng Ring Ring

'Hello' said tash

"Hey its me Shoshanna" i said

"oh hey what r u up to?' she asked

"nothing much but im going out for lunch and he said  bring some friends and Amy bailed so i decided to ring u?" i said

"Well ill come since im starving and i just want to hang out!" she said

"Ok ill come pick u up' i said

"Ok what time" she asked

"In about 30mins can u get ready in time?' i asked

"of course, ok see u then" tash said

"ok bye"

"bye" she said.

I hung up.

Ok now ill just wait another 30 mins...

Natasha's P.O.V

Shoshanna just rang me up and said to come to lunch with her and friends.

I had 30 mins to get ready and i was still in my pj's i had to quickly get ready.

I went to have shower.

I washed myself and my hair.

I got out and i dressed into a cute tribal print maxi dress and i wore brown sandels.

I blow dryed my hair and i put it in a high messy bun.

I applied makeup which was, foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara and a bright lipgloss.

I had 10 mins to spare so i grabbed my phone and i checked twitter and then i heard a car honk.

So i quickly grabbed my purse, with my wallet and phone and i grabbed a water bottle since it was hot.

I went to the car and hoped in.

"Hey Tash" Shoshanna said.

"Hey" i said

"u ready?' she asked

"yep lets get going" i said.

She started driving.

We got to the place we were having lunch at.

"So this is a new kid Louis Tomlinson who is new at our university and he invited me to lunch so be nice" she said.

"I will oh is that him' i asked

"yep" she said

"he's cute but i do like the one with emerald eyes and big brown hair" i said looking at him.

"well u can date him then" she said while laughing.

"thx" i said then started laughing.

We sat down and there were five boys.

And Elizabeth, Jazlyn and Caitlyn just arrived.

Shoshanna's P.O.V

We got there and sat down and then the others i invited came.

I we were all sitting down and i introduced my friends.

"this is Natasha, this is Caitlyn, this is my roommate Jazlyn and this is my other friend Elizabeth" i said

They all said hi.

Then Louis started speaking. "this is Harry, This is Niall , this is Zayn and thats Liam and then theres me" he said.

The girls and i said hi.

Author's comments

Hey guys i hoped u enjoyed this chapter!!!

Caitlyn i hope u like that ur in the story and Natasha and Tash sorry that i didnt put u in at the start i forgot!!!


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