There was this one girl, she goes to her first day of the last year of university and she see's someone thats not familiar to the university. His name is Louis Tomlinson, after university had finished that day Louis asked Shoshanna if she would like to come to his apartment and meet the guys Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall but he also said to bring some friends over, that when she takes a liking for Louis>3

Author's comments:
This book took me so long to figure out the story plot. Hope you like the new book.
The first chapter is Meeting Him
xoxo Shushi>3 Cookie Monster>3


7. How did i not know??

Shoshanna's P.OV

We were just talking to the boys getting to know them better.

All of my friends had a interest in a particular boy at lunch.

Tash was looking at Harry most of the time, Caitlyn was talking to Niall for a while,  Jazlyn was looking at Liam and Elizabeth was talking to Zayn.

I of course was talking to Louis.

"so how many years have u done dance?" i asked

" well i started at uni so about 4 years!" he said.

" wow i thought u were newer" i said

"well im not but im a good singer too" he said.

Ooooh he is a good dancer and i guess a good singer.

( oh by the way in this movella they arent famous)

"well u should sing for me one day!" i said

"maybe" he said.

We got our food and started eating.

We were all hitting it off well.

I was getting to know Louis very well and his friends too.

We were finished lunch and it was time to go.

"well thx for having us for lunch Louis' i said

" no worries" he said

"well bye see u around" i said

" bye' he said and his friends said that too!.

Since i picked up Tash i dropped her off back at her apartment.

I said bye to her and i went home.

When i walked through the door Jazlyn was already there.

"hey i have to go to work soon so after work we can have some dinner across the street" i asked

"yeah ill be out shopping" she said back

"well we can go across the street from my work for dinner around about 6" i said

"ok" she said.

I went to my room.

I walked in and i chucked my bag on the floor.

It was now 3 and i start work in 30 mins so i went to get ready.

( in this story she works at starbucks)

I hoped into the shower and i washed my hair and myself.

I got out and i put on my starbucks shirt and some black leggings.

I put some black converse on.

I blow dryed my hair and i put it in a high bun.

I did some very light makeup, foundation blush and a lipgloss.

I chucked some spare clothes into my bag and i put in my wallet, my phone and a pair of black thongs for after work.

I said goodbye to Jazlyn and i headed off to work.

----- After work----

It was now 5:45pm and i just finished work.

I quickly went into the bathroom and changed my clothes into my skinny jeans and my white cross back tank top.

I added a bright blue blouse to add a pop of colour.

I put my black thongs on and i brushed my hair and i quickly placed it in a side fishtail braide.

I was ready to go.

I got a text from Jazlyn

To: Shoshanna- hey im at the place now i just arrived

To: Jazlyn- ok ill be there in a minute

To: Shoshanna- ok

I went crossed the street and i went inside the dinner place.

I saw Jazlyn and i went over to her.

"hey" i said

"hey' Jazlyn said

' oh yeah ive got work tomorrow at starbucks do u?' i asked

"oh yeah i do tomorrow too' she said

" ok' i said.

The waitress came up to us and asked what we would like.

I ordered some creamy source with pasta and a  water.

Jazlyn ordered the same.

We got our food 10 mins later and we started to eat.


Authors comments

 hoped u liked the chapter 

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