There was this one girl, she goes to her first day of the last year of university and she see's someone thats not familiar to the university. His name is Louis Tomlinson, after university had finished that day Louis asked Shoshanna if she would like to come to his apartment and meet the guys Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall but he also said to bring some friends over, that when she takes a liking for Louis>3

Author's comments:
This book took me so long to figure out the story plot. Hope you like the new book.
The first chapter is Meeting Him
xoxo Shushi>3 Cookie Monster>3


4. How did he get my number?(Short chapter)

I started eating when...

My phone rang.

It was from a unknown caller, who could it be?

I asnwered it

"hello' i said

" hi its me Louis' he said

"oh hi and did u get my number?' i asked

"well ur friend Jazlyn gave me it' he said

I yelled at Jazlyn while covering the phone.

"right so whats up?' i asked

"Oh nothing, but do u wanna come out for lunch with me and the lads and u can bring ur friends?' he asked

" sure why not text me the dits ( details)" i said

"ok great bye' he said

" bye' i said and i hung up.

" Jazlyn seriously?!' i said

" What im doing u a favour!' she said

" Right! well u have to come with me to lunch with him and his friends!' i said

"ok ill come' she said.

I grabbed my phone and i rung up my friend Caitlyn(a person who requested in the comments)

ring ring ring ring

"Hello' caitlyn said

"hey do u wanna come to lunch with me and louis with his friends?' i asked

"sure why not text me the details!' she said

" cool bye'   i said

" Bye' she said

I hung up the phone and thought who else so i texted Elizabeth and Amy and they both said yes to coming good that should be enough people.

I got a text from Louis saying At starbucks at 12pm 

I texted back ok see u then

 I texted my friends the details and i told Jazlyn the details.

I went to have breakfast.

I had my breakfast and i went to have a shower.

I washed my hair and myself.

I got out and i put on some denim short shorts, a baby blue ruffle white tank top, a blue short jean jacket and a pair of blue high top converse.

I dryed my hair and i  did a waterfall side braide.

I did my regular makeup, foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara and a bright lipstick.

It was now 11am and i had a hour to spare so i went on my laptop and checked facebook and that.


Authors comments

Hey guys so i have updated and sorry its short!

i hope the girl who requested to be in the book is happy!!


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