There was this one girl, she goes to her first day of the last year of university and she see's someone thats not familiar to the university. His name is Louis Tomlinson, after university had finished that day Louis asked Shoshanna if she would like to come to his apartment and meet the guys Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall but he also said to bring some friends over, that when she takes a liking for Louis>3

Author's comments:
This book took me so long to figure out the story plot. Hope you like the new book.
The first chapter is Meeting Him
xoxo Shushi>3 Cookie Monster>3


10. Apartment Hunting


Shoshanna's P.O.V

I wakeup this morning forgetting what happened and i remeber Zayn ruined my date with Louis.

I get out of bed and i got down stairs to check the letter box for our apartment.

I look through the letter box and there are of course bills to play and all of that.

My friend Natasha and Madie are moving in with me and Jazlyn and we have to find a new apartment.


Today me and Jazzie were going out to lunch with Tash and Madie and then we go apartment hunting which is just looking for a bigger apartment.


I go to the kitchen and i start making some cinnamon rolls.

I was almost about to finish when i heard a scream from Jazlyn's room.

I quickly run to her room and i open her door to find her screaming at a spider.

Oh jesus.

"seriously Jazzie" i say

"sorry but u know i hate spiders" she says loud.

I quickly get one of her boots and squash the spider.

"happy" i say

"yes, but u used my boot" she said

"oh well" "oh shit the cinnamon rolls are burning" i say

I quickly run to the kitchen and i quickly turn off the heat.

"really Shoshanna" Jazzie said

"sorry i had to help with ur spider issue, so we are gonna have to go out for breakfast!' i say

"ok" Jazzie says.

I see my phone buzzing and i pick it up and its Madie.

'hello" i say

"hey we still on for lunch" she said

"yeah i have to go bye" i say

"ok bye" she said

 I hung up.

I went to have a shower.

I washed my hair and myself.

I got out and i put on some shorts a a blue singlet and i put an denim vest over.

I put on some white high heels.

I dryed my hair and i curled it.

I put on some light makeup and i was ready.

I go to the kitchen and wait then Jazlyn comes out wearing a orange dress and some white flats with her hair down and curled like mine.

"ready' i say

"yep, we go in ur car" she said

"yep" i say.

We go to my car and we hop in.

We drove off to a Pancake Manor.

It has really good pancakes there.

We get there and it is  so busy there.

We sit down and we wait.

A waitress comes over to us and asks us what we would like i ordered the STrawberry fields.

AFter we ordered Jazzie started talking.

(talking convo)

Jazzie: So how was ur date?

Me: good really good until Zayn comes along and kisses me right infront of Louis. Then i kick him.

Jazzie: ok, ummm.........

Me: yeah

Jazzie: so where do u think a good place/ area would be when we move

Me: Well anywhere city or maybe just outside city would be good

Jazzie: Ok ok, we would need to find a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom, 1 kitchen and 1 study room and a living room would be good

Me: yeah totally

Jazzie: but the problem is that we have to have a apartment close to the city for work and that

Me: Yep

We get our breakfast and we start eating.

I was thinking for a few days having another part time job but as a dance instructer and it would be my own little business.

I finish my food and so did jazzie.

"hey Jazzie im just gonna go to the shops for a while" i said

"ok well im gonna visit my mum and dad they are in town for a few days so yeah" she replied

"ok well see u later" i said

"ok bye" she said.

I walked off to my car.

When i suddenly walk into Louis.

"sorry.........." he said while looking up to see who it was.

"no problem, oh hey Louis" i say

"Hey" , 'sorry about Zayn he is eager to have a girlfriend he just broke up with is ex..." he said

'thats ok, but i did kick him and he deserved it" i say

"yep he did, ok see u around" he said

"ok bye"  i said

I got in my car and i drove to the shops.

I went to the grocery store.

I bought some pasta and fruit and veges for the apartment but we do usually go out for dinner.

AFter that i went the mall.

I bought som new cute clothes since winter season is coming up.

I also bought new boots and shoes.

AFter that it was almost time to meet my friends for lunch so i quickly drove home.

I put my food away and i put my new clothes away.

I changed into my new purple and white polka dot dress since it was getting really hot and i put on some brown flats.

I quickly touched up my mascara and liner and i was ready to go.

I got in my car and i drove off.

I got to the cafe we were having lunch at and i saw Jazzie and Madie already there.

I walked over and i said hi.

They said i too.

"where is tash" i ask'

"she is gonna be here in 5 mins she said to me on text" Jazzie said

"ok" i said

We all waited 5 minutes and she arrived.
We said hi and immediately we ll started talking about where to live and that.

"well i think close to the city is great" Tash said

We all nodded our heads.

"which building; Sunset Valley Building, Starlight shores apartments or Twinbrook Apartment building?" i said

"well i personaly like Starlight SHores apartments they are more modern and new" Jazlyn said

I nodded my head.

'Well i like Twin Brook APartment Buiding" Tash and Madie said.

"well we can then cut out Sunset Valley Apartments out" i said

Everyone else nodded.

"Well we should first look at some apartments then chose how about that" Tash said

We all agreed.

We all went in my car.

First we looked at Twinbrook Apartments.

We all loved the apartments there but the one that caught our eyes was the , 5 bedroom, 2 study, 1 living, 3 bathroom, kitchen and dinning room.

It was beautiful.

VEry modern yet classical.

Then we went to look at STarlight SHores APartments.

The apartments there were so amazayn and beautiful.

We finally agreed on living at Starlight SHores Apartments and we picked a, 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 1 living, 3 study, 1 kitchen apartment.

We all signed the papers and we officially had the apartment.

Now we just have to move.

We all drove off to Jazlyn and I's soon to be old apartment to start the moving process.

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