There was this one girl, she goes to her first day of the last year of university and she see's someone thats not familiar to the university. His name is Louis Tomlinson, after university had finished that day Louis asked Shoshanna if she would like to come to his apartment and meet the guys Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall but he also said to bring some friends over, that when she takes a liking for Louis>3

Author's comments:
This book took me so long to figure out the story plot. Hope you like the new book.
The first chapter is Meeting Him
xoxo Shushi>3 Cookie Monster>3


8. A Date?!

Shoshanna's P.O.V

We started to eat and i finished.

My phone started buzzing.

It was Louis i answered.

"Hello" i said

"hey Shoshanna" he said

"oh hey Louis" i say

"hey do u wanna hang out tomorrow like.... just us two?' he said

"yeah sure like a date" i say

"yeah a date tomorrow at 3pm ill pick u up and we can go and see a movie?" he say

'sure see u then" i say

"ok bye" he said

'bye" i say.

I was shocked and happy and so nervous at the same time.

'who was that?" Jazlyn asks 

"just Louis" i say

"he did ask u out didnt he" she said

"yeah how did u know?" i say

"i heard thea convo" she said

" right" i say.

I finished eating and we went straight home.

I got back to the apartment and there were a bunch of flowers at the door.

(who could it be)

Of course they were from Louis.

I checked the card it read.....

Dear Shoshanna,

I have only known u for a day and i think its love at first sight!!! These are for you!

Xoxo from Zayn Malik~

What the hell.

I god he likes me.

I quickly grabbed my phone and rang Louis.

"Hello" he said

"hey, whats wrong with ur friend Zayn?" i say

"waht do u mean" he said confused.

"he sent me flowers and a card saying ...

Dear Shoshanna,


I have only known u for a day and i think its love at first sight!!! These are for you!

Xoxo from Zayn Malik~" i said

"what the hell why did he send those to u?' louis said and he sounded mad.

"Well i dont know", "ur his friend" i say

"well ill talk to him i have to go he is here and the others" Louis said

"ok bye" i say

"bye" Louis said.

I grabbed the flowers and i went to the rubbish bin and through them out.

I didnt like him i like Louis.

"whats wrong Shoshanna?' Jazzie(Jazlyn) asks.

"nothing' i say

"what is it" she said

"Zayn the guy from lunch sent me flowers and he said it was love at first sight!" i say

"what the hell, he is out of his kind" she said.

"i know, im gonna go to sleep, see u in the morning" i say

"ok see u in the morning" Jazzie replies

I went to my room and i changed into some sweat shorts and a singlet.

I slowly fell asleep........

Authors Comments

Hey guys sorry i havent updated for a few days here in australia we are having a big storm and my interent was cut off and we have flooding here so yeah!!


P.S sorry if i dont update more through this week



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