A Little More Than Friends

Christina is a girl that is not confident. All at once she is good friends a person in her best friend Makayla's favorite group ad starts geting a lot of publicity. Will she get confidence? Will her and her celebrity friend become more than friends?


2. The Visit

After my mom explained the story and everything I was so happy for her. She found her friend. Of course she lived in England but at least they talk again. I went to my bathroom and took a shower and brushed my now long brownish red hair. I used to have short hair and I hated it I’m so glad my hair is long now. I put on some light make up then I put on some blue skinny jeans red toms and a very cute blue and red shirt. When I walked outside I could see my mom talking on the phone and she looked so happy.
" okay Anne see you then.... Oh yeah....okay uh huh bye!” she hung up the phone.
“Oh my goodness I can’t believe this this is so exciting! I get to see her because her son has work out here and shes got to come to Chicago!"
" That’s great mom but uh her sons gotta job already really"
I know I’m 18 now but I don’t have a job yet this must really mean I’m lazy. That’s not good.
“Don’t be silly he chose to have a job but it’s not the type of job that you think," she said suspiciously.
“What do you mean?”
“Wait and you’ll see,”
“Okay so when are they coming?”
There here now they just got in today and she wants us to come to the hotel and meet them so dress nice
Um is this not nice enough for you because I’m not changing again.
 “Okay fine we are meeting them at 3 o’clock

K I said and walked to my room to straighten my hair I can’t look bad.

Anne’s POV
"Gemma Rob you have to get ready Irene and Christina will be here in a minute! Where’s Harry?"
“I’m right here mom,” Harry said in his sweat pants and sleep shirt.

“Harry what are you wearing they’ll be here soon. You have to go change now!” I yelled at him

“Okay mum but I won’t change into a suit I mean, it’s not a dinner party.” He said nonchalantly.

“Fine Harry but be on your best behavior,” I said strictly

“Aren’t I always mum?” he said with a grin on his face.

“Just go get ready Harry!” I yelled                                                                                                                 

Great they’ll be here in like an hour I have to get ready myself.

Christina's POV

“Come on Christina we're going to be late!”

“I’m coming just straightening my bangs!”

Okay I’ve  done my hair a lot but honestly my hair looks amazing it’s incredible I look good maybe because I have a little hope in my heart that Anne’s son will like me. But I don’t think so. I walk out to my mom and she goes,

"Holy smokes baby girl your hair looks amazing!!”

"Thank you I did it myself I actually can’t believe that Makayla didn’t do it for me this time,”
We get in the car and we make it to the hotel and wow this is an amazing hotel they must rich! They are staying at the most expensive hotel in Chicago, we can’t even afford this and my mom gets money believes me. When we get out of the car I just stand there looking at the hotel because I am astounded and then I see a lot of cameras and photographers looking at me so I get back in the car. My mom gives me “the what the hell get out the car look”, so I get out the car. Obviously I do that a lot, that’s how I know that’s the look. So when we are walking in the photographers start taking pictures of my mom and I so I just ran as fast as I could inside.

When my mom finally came in the door we walked up to the floor. My mom took a deep breath before knocking when she did we heard

“Hold on!” from inside and I also heard the accent a straight British accent. Oh wait till I tell Makayla I actually met someone with a British accent. Then the door came open and I could see a nice lady and I’m guessing her husband beside her.

“Irene!” she screamed.       

“Anne!” My mom screamed.

Wow you would think they are kids by the way they sounded.

“This must be Christina! You are really beautiful girl you know that?”

“No…” I said straight forward with her.

“Christina!” my mom whispered.

“It’s the truth, I’m sorry Mrs.…?”

“Styles,” she said cheerfully.

Styles? Whoa I only heard that last name once before until now. Makayla is really gonna freak when I tell her I met someone with the last name Styles.

“I’m really sorry Mrs. Styles but I really don’t see myself as beautiful, but thank you anyway,” I said sadly.

“Well won’t you come in,” she said cheerfully but kind of confused

“Oh have I missed you Anne!” my mom said happily.

“Oh Have I missed you Irene! Oh! I almost forgot… Gemma! Come here!” Anne said almost singing.

“Oh sorry mum and the big baby will be here in a minute… Oh hi I’m Gemma,” she said

I take that the “big baby” is her son… I guess I can get a special boy as my boyfriend it will be a piece of cake.

“Will you please sit,” She ordered, but in a nice way.

I sat facing the kitchen so I had my back facing the hallway where the bedrooms were.

Anne and mom started talking and I was just sitting there next to Gemma me on my phone and her on hers.

“Hello everyone,” I heard a deep oddly familiar British voice say.

As I turned around I couldn’t believe my eyes. HARRY. STYLES. FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!

Makayla Is really gonna flip now.

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