A Little More Than Friends

Christina is a girl that is not confident. All at once she is good friends a person in her best friend Makayla's favorite group ad starts geting a lot of publicity. Will she get confidence? Will her and her celebrity friend become more than friends?


4. Meeting the lads and Sabrina

Chapter4: meeting The Lads and Sabrina
Christina's POV
So Harry invited me to come over and meet the boys and Sabrina. I'm kind of sad that he has a girlfriend but i don't care anymore because at least we are friends and I've basically already gotten over him i don't even know him that much but i think we'll be good friends plus mike gave me his number! Ive been crushing on him since last year! So harry took me home and offered to stay and wait when i found that my mom wasn't their but i asked if i can invite Makayla and he said it was fine so i'm just gonna call her and i know she's gonna freak but i have to make sure she doesn't embarrass me. I don't want to hear her scream so i just text her
Hey what you doin xx :)
Nun, bored as ever xx :(
Well how would u like to come with me to meet one direction?xx :/
She didn't answer me... Whats her problem oh i know what she did. Theres a knock on my door and i know exactly who it is. I open it and here a loud scream (this is why i wanted to text her). Her screaming lasts about five minutes but it seems like five hours.
"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Makayla screamed.

"Yes i'm kind of friends with Harry..."

"WHAT! So when you were in the phone and that guy told me about the one direction album... THAT! Was Harry Styles!"

"Yes but i won't take you if your gonna freak like this you have to be normal you can't be a crazy fan but since your my best friend i want to bring you,"
"Okay, okay i'll be good... Thank you thank you thank you!"
"Your welcome and get ready right we are leaving in an hour and you have to curl my hair,"
"Okay,lets go look sexy!"

Okay so Makayla got ready first because she has to do my make up and my hair. I get in the shower comb out my hair and then she curls it at the ends and the back i gotta say she did amazing! Because i feel sexy... And i never do. Makayla looks really good to but she always looks good so that doesn't count. Even though today she got spiced up for her Niall! He's the only single one in the group i guess because makayla always tells me about it.
"Wow Christina you look hot!" Makayla yelled.
Thank you but NO you look good i don't!"
"Shut up im tired of you saying that and you know you look good or at least mike knows..."
"What... Uh what are you talking about..."
"Mike told me he likes you... He asked me to give you his number so do you want it?"
"What you've had a crush on him forever!"
"I know he already gave me his number when i went to jump street with Harry,"
Oh my gosh, you wen to jump street with harry styles?! And mike was there and gave you his number in front of him what did harry do?!"
"Um harry has a girlfriend so it doesn't matter anyway,"
"Just tell me!"
"Um okay well... I was talking to mike and harry was standing there and then he grabbed my arm and pulled me to the trampoline and tried to do a flip but landed on his stomach... Oh yeah he said 'i meant to do that,"
"Oh MY GOSH Harry is soo into you!"
"Um... I just told you he has a girlfriend and she is probably way better looking than me! So No and dont even get my hopes up! Whoops"
"So you and harry like each other! Ha christina and harry sittin in a tree K-i-S-S-I-n-,"
"Shut up, and lets go we're gonna be late,"
When we got the and we walked up the finally to the door makayla tells me she is getting weak at the knees.
"What!" I say very angry
" im going down"and now she is on the ground barley breathing.
"Get it together or we're leaving!" I yelled at her.
"I can't believe this... Get up! You better not embarrass me!"
When she finally got up the door opened and harry was standing there looking as gorgeous as he is. Shut up! You can't like him. He has a girlfriend!
"Are you okay Christina?" He said sincerely
"Yeah...im totally fine!" I say a little to loud.
"I would like you to meet my friend Makayla the girl that was screaming on the phone," i said annoyed
"Oh yes your a one direction fan," he smiled cheekily.
"Yes i am i love your music... You guys are amazing singers,"
"Thank you love, why don't you come in and meet the lads,"
"Oh yeah sure," i said a little nervous to meet them.
When we walked in zayn and louis were playing video games Niall was eating some chips and Liam was laying down listening to some music. I walked ahead of Makayla so basically the boys seen me first. I walked in and all the boys were staring at me smiling. Woah!
"Is it new for people to stare in England?" I asked im shocked i dont even know these people but i acted like i know them and just talked normal around them.
"It is when there is a beautiful girl that passes you," zayn says smiling and i started blushing and then Makayla walked in.
They did the same exact thing to her that they did to me... But i kNOW she is beautiful.
"Wow Harry you told me about one beautiful girl that was coming," louis yelled
"Not two!" Niall said happily
"Shut up louis," harry yelled and gave him a dirty look and all the boys laughed. Am i missing something? Did harry say i was the beautiful girl coming? Where is his girlfriend?
"Well to stop everything from being awkwarrd, lets play truth or dare!" Louis said adding ward to the awkward.
"Yes!" I shouted happily and a little yo fast because then everyone was staring at me.
"What...its my favorite game to play," i say nervously and smile.
They all laughed and i started to laugh. Then we all sat in a circle. Makayla on my left harry on my right. Nial on her left then zayn louis and liam.
"Okay i'll start!" Shouted louis Very excited i couldn't help but laugh even though i am very nervous.
"Um...Makayla truth or dare,"
"Dare," makayla whispered.
"Your the brave one... I dare you to turn your and and give niall a kiss on the cheek!"
"Thats not even fair!" She wined but she turned her head and kissed Niall and they both started blushing. She might finally get her dream... Going out with Niall Horan from One Direction! Then it was Makayla's turn
"Um zayn truth or dare?"
"Okay is it true that you are in love with Perrie?"
"Yes of course it is i love her so much,"
"Aww!"makayla and i screamed.
"Okay harry truth or dare?"
Only because i know where this is going dare,
"Okay i dare you to say truth!"
"C'mon... Okay truth,"
"Haha okay is it true that you love Sabrina?"
Why is he so hesitant this should be a given.
"Um no i don't...,"
"Huuuuuuuuuh!" We all gasped
"Um... Yeah i know that im supposed to and she feels that way i just don't feel the same...,"
Oh wow this is crazy! He doesn't love his girlfriend?
"Oh okay well thats enough playing the game. Oh hey Christina and Makayla?" Niall said.
"Yeah," Makayla and i yelled at the same time.
"We just found out we have to stay through christmas, so we're going to have a get together with everyone for christmas eve so do you want to come?" Niall said shyly
"Yeah that would be fun," i said to Niall
"Can we bring any guests,"
"Oh yeah of course,"
"Christina you should bring mike," makayla snickered

Harry's POV
"Christina you should bring mike" i heard makayla say. What?
"Who's mike" i blurted not knowing i did.
"That guy that gave me his number at jump street... He goes to my school but we're out for winter break," Christina told me shyly
I hate that guy he thinks he's so cool i mean he would give her his number in front of me. I know i have a girlfriend but he didn't know that!
"Ooh someones gettin a little jealous over here," louis said pointing at me. Christina's cheeks turned a light shade of pink. She looks so cute when she blushes. I swear something is wrong with me?
"No i'm not," i said my face all red.
"Well i'm not going to invite him," she said angrily to Makayla.
"Why?" All the boys said including me. Even though i was kinda happy.
"Because," she said shyly and then all the boys shrugged and all went back to talking about the christmas party. I went in door through the kitchen to sit and think about everything. I think i'm falling for this girl even though we only met a couple of hours ago. I know we only met but lets pretend its love Even though i really think it is love.
"Christina are you serious!" I heard Makayla whisper on the other side of the door.
"What... I don't want him to come,"
"Christina you've been in love with him since the beginning of last year this could be your second boyfriend and i heard he kisses on the first date," makayla yelled
"Well guess what i don't like him anymore i just figured out he never payed attention to me until now! He's always known i liked him but never said a thing because of popularity but i don't care anymore he can have his popularity. Plus i think i might like someone else," she said shyly and also boldly at the same time.
"Why would i tell you and your getting mad at me for not liking mike," she whispered but yelled at the same time,"
"Dude are you crushing on Harry!" She yelled at her in a louder whisper. She likes me?... She likes me! Wait i have a girlfriend.
"Shut up Makayla he has a girlfriend and im ugly so he would never ever like me," she whispered in a sad voice.
She is not ugly. She's beautiful. Why does she say things like that! It got me angry. I'm going to figure out why she says things like that. I walked out the room not remembering the girls were there and they were just staring at me.
"Were you there all that time?"
"Did you hear all of that?" The girls said to me shocked and scared.
"All what time and here what?" I said trying not to show them i actually heard it.
We were all still sitting there and watching movies when there was a knock on the door. It's Sabrina.
"Hey babe. I missed you," she said happily and then she gave me a long kiss. It doesn't make me feel anything like it was only a kiss.

Christina's POV
When Sabrina came i got kind of nervous. I don't know why but she made me feel bad just by the way she looked because if looks could kill i would be dead. Thats how pretty she was and then she gave him a long kiss and he looked like he was enjoying it. Of course he is enjoying the kiss! its his super pretty girlfriend.

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