A Little More Than Friends

Christina is a girl that is not confident. All at once she is good friends a person in her best friend Makayla's favorite group ad starts geting a lot of publicity. Will she get confidence? Will her and her celebrity friend become more than friends?


5. CONTEST!!!!!!!!!! and some news

Hi guys!! its me... yup well first i want too thank you to whoever read my movella and to the people who liked and favorited it. i have bad news if you liked my movella. i will no longer be doing this movella. BUT! i am going to make a new one and this is where you guys will come in. i am going to make a new one kinda like this except different.You will be in the story. i am having a contest basically, you comment your...

Name or a made up name:


Traits(hair and eye color type of hair and other important traits about you):

Personality(anything about you that you want me to know):

Biggest fear:

Best scary movie:

Best movie period:

favorite thing to do when your free:

favorite sport:

favorite food:

favorite school subject(if still in school):

last but not least your

1D BOY and your favorite thing about them:

i will pick the best one to be the main character but there will be five people chosen and maybe more if its a drama story you want. Thanks loves!!!! comment below i will be looking because im like always on..



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