A Little More Than Friends

Christina is a girl that is not confident. All at once she is good friends a person in her best friend Makayla's favorite group ad starts geting a lot of publicity. Will she get confidence? Will her and her celebrity friend become more than friends?


3. A day with Harry styles

I cant believe this im standing in front of the harry styles i know im not a fan of one direction but i always thought he was the cutest in the group. I know that ill never have a chance with him. He's the most gorgeous guy ive ever met plus hes a celebrity so he has to be i find myself silent and staring at him and then snap back to reality,
"Hi," i said stupidly
Harrys POV
"Hello everyone!" I yell
And this girl turns around and she is so beautiful i can't believe my eyes her pretty straight hair her dimple on the side of her cheek and her body. I wouldn't date her but we could be friends. I'm in a relationship of course or i sure would!
"Hi," she says
"Hi," i say
"What's your name?" I said grinning to her
"Christina,"she said quietly less confident than i picture her to be.
"And your name must be Irene... All my mum talks about is her best friend," i say turning to my mum And irene.
"Yes i am irene," irene said

"I think we all know who you are... Your H-"
Christina cut her off "Harry Styles,"
I take it that she didn't meAn to say that so she got up and walked out the door.
"Wait," i yell
Christina's POV
"Wait," Harry yells
Did he just say wait to me? Was someone coming after me? Why was i still walking off? He finally caught up to me and grabbed my arm it sent little sparks shooting everywhere... Wait did i just say that? Is it even logical to say i felt sparks everywhere. What are you doing? Get it together this guy will never like you stop feeling this!
"Hey why did you run out?" He said confusingly
I didn't know what to say um um.....
"Uh...uh i...just don't like looking stupid and what i did was look stupid... But in front of a celebrity," i managed to get
"You know i hate it when i get called a celebrity... Im still a normal guy-"
"Clearly your not a normal guy," i blurted and he laughed.
"So if you don't believe me lets go somewhere to prove that i am really just a normal person like you?... How about...well do you know any good places around here that you haven't been before?"
"Um i haven't been to jump street before," lie i just love it so much so i have to go.
"What's that?" He said curiously.
"Oh its a place filled with trampolines,"
"Oh that sounds so cool do you mind if go change into something comfortable and then we could go to your house to let you go change?"
"Uh yeah sure, let me just go tell my mom," i smiled

"Sure i should go tell my mum too," he smiled

We walked up to the floor again kind of embarrassed i walked in. This is crazy am i about to hang out with the Harry Styles?
" mum i'm going to jump street ," Harry walked in yelling.

"Um Harry we have guests you can't just leave," she explained a little annoyed
"'No, mum we're going together..."

Harry's POV

"No mum we're going together..." I said but to make it seem less awkward i lied, "and maybe the boys or Sabrina will go,"

"Oh okay then well its fine by me is it fine with you Irene?" She nodded and i went to go change into sweat pants and a baggy shirt and then i went down stairs and we went to her house while driving she asked,
"So the boys are coming with us?... Oh and who's Sabrina?" Smiling.
"Well no i was just saying that it'll just be you and me. We'll have a great time! And Sabrina is my girlfriend... But you know if you want them to come ill invite them they're some funny lads," i told her maybe laughing a little to much. I don't know whats wrong with me i never at like this around people, i'm a freakin singer i sing to millions of people on tv, at concerts hell i see thousands of girls outside. Why is she the only one i get nervous around? I could tell she caught a little off guard when i said my girlfriend because her smile faded.
"Oh well thats my house...you can come in if you want or you can stay here? Ill be out in a minute..." She smiled slightly.
I decided to stay in the car and wait and she only took a few minutes but when she came out she had on some black and red short shorts, a black and red workout shirt and some white gym shoes. Woah! She looks amazing... Her legs are wow! But its cold outside since it's winter so she hurried up and got in the car.
"You ready to go?"
"Yep," she looked happy

Christina's POV
I got in the car and he was just sitting there staring at me. I mean i know i'm not pretty but has he ever heard its not polite to stare? I mean it makes me feel bad. So anyway we are almost to jump street when i get a call
"Hey, you wanna hang, and guess what they are making a new album coming out this year!"
"Oh hey makayla... Sorry i can't really hang today," i said with a laugh
"But who's coming out with a new album this year?" I asked

"One direction of course!" Makayla said a little annoyed.

"Well i'm sorry i'm not there super fan like you are," i said not remembering harry was sitting right next to me driving.
"Well, thats great what will the new album be called?" I asked and pushed speaker on accident. I tried to turn it off but she already screamed her answer,
"TAKE ME HOME! Oh my gosh i can't wait! But i don't know if they started recording yet i mean made any of the songs yet!" She yelled really fast so it was hard to understand.

"Actually no we haven't recorded anything yet but we have to start writing the songs now," harry answered without hesitation. He does not know what he just did if she recognizes him.
"Ooh your with a boy! Who is this boy your with?" She asked still on speaker phone.
"Oh my gosh makayla shut up its not like that, you know be my now... Im just with an acquaintance trying to show me that they're normal even though they're not. I explained veering my to harry he just smiled looking at the road.
" oh i see your playin it coo-"
" makayla your on speaker and i have to go so bye,"
"But wa-"
" i gotta go bye!" I yelled and hung up the phone.

"I take it that was your friend," i nodded

"She likes one direction too," he said with a cheesy smile.
"But i see that you don't really like one direction," he said with a sad face.

"Its not that i don't like one direction... I do i just don't like your music," i said nervously

"Oh i see so we aren't good singers to you?" He said curiously.
"No! Not that either, you just don't put your heart in it to. Me when i listen to people sing i like to hear their heart," i said very sincere not rude at all.
"Oh... Well if you put it that way ill try to sing with my heart now," he said sadly. I dont know why he is sad i just told the truth and it wasn't mean at all.

Harry's POV
Wow... So i don't sing with my heart? This is really annoying me because i don't know HOW to sing with my heart. Well i pull in to the place and we walk in. My jaw dropped in awe of these lines of trampolines and a foam pit! This will be exciting!
"Hey Christina!" A guy said at the counter as she walked in.
"Oh hey mike," she said blushing a little
Man why is she blushing this guy isn't even cool i mean how do they know each other? Am i jealous? Whats going on with me?
I grabbed her arm and said, "lets go jump!" She blushed again making me really happy. We ran to go jump and i wanted to show off to her because i know a few tricks. I ran and did a flip on to my stomach... That was supposed to happen i can't land on my feet im scared!
"Was that supposed to happen?" She laughed.
"Of course it was... Its probably ten times better than what you can do!" I yelled she laughed.
"Oh really... Is that so?" I nodded "okay then... Watch this,"
All of a sudden she started run dow the lane doing back flips and front flips and everything! I couldn't believe it... And then she did the coolest thing i've ever seen in my life! She runs down the lane and jumps on the side to do a huge jump, she jumps off the back and jumps really high and she does three flips in a row!! It was so awesome!! Once she was done she sat down next to me and said,
"So was what you did ten times better than what i can do?" She said with the most beautiful smile on her face. It made me smile too.
"Yes! Definitely... All you did were back flips and triple flips! It takes real skill to do a flip and land on your stomach,"
She laughed and them said,
"Well okay then i'm fine with that... I would never do a flip and land on my stomach... So i guess you have the real skill," clapping and then we started jumping together and we fell she fell on top of me.

Christinas POV

I fell on him and we both started laughing hysterically.
"You are a normal person, just like any of us," i said to him as i was still on top of him.
"I told you love, i am normal, the only thing is, is that im in a boy band,"

"I should be normal more often, we should hang out again but you bring your friends and i bring mine," harry told me and i rolled off of him.

Harry's POV

She rolled off of me even though i didn't want her to. I wanted to stay there and lay with her forever.
We got up and was about to leave and that guy stopped her again giving her his number she was ecstatic i really dont know why guys give her their number left and right probably. We when we got in the car she was blushing. And so happy but i got a phone call.
"Hey babe what are you doing?"
"Im with a friend right now,"
"With louis?"
"No with Christina,"
"Your with another girl?"
"Shes just a friend calm down we went to jump street,"
"Oh okay so ill be over tonight... I have a surprise for you,"
"Okay then and maybe Christina and the boys will come to because we have to start writing our songs and Christina lives around here so I'm going to invite her to," i said then turning to look at her looking at her feet smiling.

Christina's POV
"Okay then and maybe Christina and the boys will come to because we have to start writing our songs and Christina lives around here so I'm going to invite her too," he told someone on the phone so i just looked at my feet smiling because he said i was his friend. Im friends with Harry Styles.
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