A Little More Than Friends

Christina is a girl that is not confident. All at once she is good friends a person in her best friend Makayla's favorite group ad starts geting a lot of publicity. Will she get confidence? Will her and her celebrity friend become more than friends?


1. An old Friend

“Mom, have you seen my sparkly heels!!” I said to my mom who was just talking on the phone.

This is crazy I’ve never seen her talk on the phone like this before. Who the hell is on the phone with her?


I’m so sorry Anne I have to go we’ll talk soon right? Oh okay! Talk to you soon uh huh! Yes I have a daughter okay! They should meet bye!! MWAH! She kissed the phone as she hung up.

Damn it Christina why would you interrupt me like that? She yelled furiously.

I’m sorry but me and the girls are going out and if I want to meet some good looking boys I have to have my sparkly heels! My legs make me! I said trying not to cry no real decent guy would like me like me! Everyone wants to be my friend and I hate it!

“Oh Christina shut up your so beautiful why do you say things like that you are the most beautiful girl you know that!”

“No! Mom I’m not I am the only one with all my friends that is single!

She came and hugged me and I just started crying I don’t know whats gotten into me, I just feel so lonely lately and I hate the feeling.

When I finally got myself together I asked, “Who were you just talking to?” I said filled with curiosity.

“Oh okay so it’s a very long story”, She jumped in excitement.

“I got time,” I yelled happily                                 

So a long long time ago, I was about maybe fifteen and grandma and grandpa wanted to take a family trip and they said I could choose. I was really obsessed with British stuff at the time you know I was all about going to England! They said fine and we went there for a whole summer and the summer was the best summer of my life! I met a girl named Anne, and she used to come by the hotel that we stayed at all the time and the one day she asked me who I was and how long I will be there because she seen me a lot. After that we became best friends! Until I left I was so devastated I didn’t want to leave but I had to. And then I was on Facebook and you know that group Makayla likes...” I nodded and she continued on.

“Well I seen a name that was Anne on there and ever since I left I have been trying to find her but never could so I clicked on her name  and it really was her I couldn’t believe it I was so shocked and we talked and then she emailed me her number so that’s how everything happened.”

“Mom aww you found your best friend I’m so happy for you!!”

“Did I mention she has a son…? I heard he was cute!”

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