She's not mine

This story is about an 18 year old girl named laylah,
It all started with a night at the club and went downhill from there,
1 night stand, 1 boy, 1 night, 1 baby, 2 horrible mistakes

When laylah has baby willow she soon realises she doesn't want her daughter growing up without her father like she did, but Harry claims that she isn't his and demands a DNA test


2. That time of the month

Laying on my bed I realised I hadn't rang Harry since 'The Night'
While ill was getting out of bed I felt a sudden rush of dizziness, but I thought it was just getting sick, so I went and had breakfast, then my iPhone went off with my calendar, so I checked it and I skipped a month, thinking back to the night I remembered we didn't use protection but that thought quickly vanished when I had an earge to vomit, running to the toilet I instantly knew I was pregnant
After 5 minutes I grabbed my phone and rang for the doctor

I tried to ring Harry after my appointment to tell him the news but he didn't pick up
So I rang my mum and Told her
"Mum I'm pregnant.." I told her
" far, that's wonderful Hun" she said sweetly
"3 months" I texted back and then texted Harry
Hazza: hey babe, I pregnant :) 3 months how awesome ur gonna be a daddy lots of love lay

Not long after Harry rang and I told him the news again
"If your pregnant, I don't want anything to do with it okay, I can't be a dad it' ll ruin my rep"
Then he hung up
Snuggling my tiny bump I started to walk home think of bringing a tiny bun into the world alone

5 months later
I was lying on my bed when I had pain shooting through my belly
Thinking only about my baby I rang 000
About an 3 hours later I was in the labour room holding baby willow grace styles
As I drove home I couldn't help but cry that my little would be growing up without her father
And not wanting her to be living the life that I had
And I wasn't going to let that happen
I turned the car around and drive to the giant mansion where Harry lives
Dragging willow out of the car I banged on the door
When Harry answered the door he looked shocked and quickly offered to hold willow
But I was angry at him for what he said 5 months ago
As I walked inside I started to yell at him
"Why don't you want anything to do with willow, she's your daughter
"Because I'm 18 for starters I'm in the middle of an album and I just got off tour"

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