She's not mine

This story is about an 18 year old girl named laylah,
It all started with a night at the club and went downhill from there,
1 night stand, 1 boy, 1 night, 1 baby, 2 horrible mistakes

When laylah has baby willow she soon realises she doesn't want her daughter growing up without her father like she did, but Harry claims that she isn't his and demands a DNA test


7. next step

After dinner Liam helped clean up the kitchen while I changed willow into her pajamas and put her sleepy body onto bed

"Good night my baby" I whispered

She closed her eyes and I made my way out the door

"Is she asleep" Liam asked

"Sound asleep" I reply with a giggle

Liam stands up and walks over to me before kissing me passionately on the lips

"Mm, what was that for" I asked

"Well you looked stunning as usual tonight and I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay"

"Stay huh, I'm letting you stay" I say while going in for another kiss

He nods his head and attempts to take his black jacket off and lifts my legs onto his hips to carry me to the couch he kisses my jaw line them my neck before I push him away

"Liam stop" I half shout

"I'm really sorry laylah, did I hurt you" he asked concerned

"No babe, I just can't, not after what happened with willows father

I give liam and apologetic look as he pulls me into a hug

"It's fine, everything's going to be fine, he's not going to get you, I've been working out" he admits

I laugh and release myself from his tight grip

"Wanna go to bed" I ask

"Though you'd never ask, I'm buggered" he said

We latched arms and made our way to the bed

"I'm going to get changed and brush my teeth" I told Liam

"Don't go for to long, I'll miss you"

I giggle and walk into the bathroom to brush my teeth

I walk back in the room and see Liam sleeping peacefully on the bed, I sneak up and carefully pull the covers off

"I'm awake" Liam shouts


"Sorry" Liam says before closing his eyes once more

I laugh again and close my eyes joining liam in a hopefully peaceful sleep

*authors note*

Sorry guys, I actually did delete this book and re-published it 10 minutes ago :)

It's zayns 21st birthday today yay! Well thank you guys I've got 2k reads ily and in really sorry i might post another chapter soon sorry this one is so short it's 1:30am so night :*

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