She's not mine

This story is about an 18 year old girl named laylah,
It all started with a night at the club and went downhill from there,
1 night stand, 1 boy, 1 night, 1 baby, 2 horrible mistakes

When laylah has baby willow she soon realises she doesn't want her daughter growing up without her father like she did, but Harry claims that she isn't his and demands a DNA test


4. Help


you guys have asked me to update and im sorry but heres another chapter: hope u like

"Zayn, Liam, Louis, NIALL, someone help i have a screaming baby and no-one even cares" said Harry

"Yep, thats pretty much it," Louis said with a laugh

"C'mon guys, hes a new dad and is having trouble, lets try and help him" said Liam

"Naa, he'll be fine" Niall said

"Fine, when you guys have children, and their screaming, guess whos not gonna help" Harry said sadly

"YOU," said Zayn cracking up laughing again

Just then the door rang

"I'll get it" the 4 boys yelled together

"Guys" Harry laughed

Laylah walked in laughing,"i could hear that scream from a mile away!!"

"Well, she wouldnt stop screaming and she still is screaming, how do i make her stop??"

"Here, you take her" Harry said annoyed

"Come to momma, darling is daddy being mean??"

as soon as she was passed she stopped screaming

"Wha-, thats not fair" he said

the boys just laughed

"I think you just got rejected" Niall said

"Ohhhh" said Liam and Louis

"You wanna fight" Harry said playfully

"Bring it Hazza,"

"STOOP IT!!" yelled Laylah

"Not in front of the baby" she then said

Harry laughed and then threw a punch at Niall

"Good-bye boys," Laylah said

"Let me walk you out"vsaid Harry

"I always wondered why people called you the flirtacious one, and now i see why" she said laughing

Harry POV

when we got to the door i kissed  Willow on the head and they walked off


Laylah POV

When Harry kissed Willow I instantly knew i had done the right thing by bringing her to her father,

But i also thought what to do about my date with Liam, i couldnt get the words out of my head

"Umm.. Hi its Liam, you know Harrys friend, yea well i was just wondering if you would like to go out with me tomorrow night, the boys are going to Australia to see their girlfriends, and im going to be here by myself,soo??"

:A/N: comment what you think she should do

love Tiara :)


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