She's not mine

This story is about an 18 year old girl named laylah,
It all started with a night at the club and went downhill from there,
1 night stand, 1 boy, 1 night, 1 baby, 2 horrible mistakes

When laylah has baby willow she soon realises she doesn't want her daughter growing up without her father like she did, but Harry claims that she isn't his and demands a DNA test


5. Hello

:A/N: Hi guys i  hoped you like my movella,


"So, Laylah will you go out me" i begged

"Umm, Im not sure i dont really know you, and who will babysit Willow, shes only 1 week old??"

"Well firstly we can use it as an excuse to get to know each other and ill get my mum to babysit she just loves babies"

"Um... okay then"

"Great, ill pick you up at eight"

as she left i couldnt help but laugh as she strained to pick up her daughter

"Would you like some help?" i offered chuckling

"No, im fine" she said

"Actually, yes that would be nice" she said weakly

i couldnt help but laugh as i carried Willow out to the car

as she got into the car i pecked her for-head and she blushed,



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