She's not mine

This story is about an 18 year old girl named laylah,
It all started with a night at the club and went downhill from there,
1 night stand, 1 boy, 1 night, 1 baby, 2 horrible mistakes

When laylah has baby willow she soon realises she doesn't want her daughter growing up without her father like she did, but Harry claims that she isn't his and demands a DNA test



Walking into the hottest club in town, I was sure to find the man of my dreams.
As I found a spot to sit with my friends
Millie, skilah, Darla, Rachel and me, laylah a VERY handsome boy walked past
Thinking to myself, he looks alright
Them suddenly Darla whispered
"that's Harry styles, from One Direction"
"AGHHHH" screamed Millie
'Shhhhh' we all whispered
But it was to late we were heard and suddenly hundreds of girls rushed to their
As they were wiped away to the V.I.P section
I went over to get some drinks and Harry approached me
"Hi I'm Ha..."
"Harry Styles, I know exactly who you are not being a weirdo or anything,Laylah Smith" I chuckled nervously
"Here I'll buy you a drink" he insisted
"O-Kay" I said dreamily
As Harry walked off chuckling, I quickly pulled my phone out
Of my jacket and texted skilah
'Tlking to Harry, he's buying me a drink :)'
'OMG really, good luck don't stay up to late lol'

After we finished our drinks we headed back to Harry's apartment
And had something to eat
"Wanna play truth or dare" he said
As we played we got closer and closer
"I'm gonna have a shower okay ill be right back"
As I hopped into the shower I quickly washed my hair and felt hands around my waist
As we kissed in the shower Harry cupped my bum and lifter me out of the
Shower and carefully dropped my on his bed, as I ripped off his shirt he kissed my neck and rolled me on top of him,
'Ohhh' I groaned as something jabbed inside of me
"Oops sorry, are you alright" he said
"Yeah, I'm excellent it feels good"
As Harry pulled his dick out, he quickly picked me up and
Kissed me playing with my tounge,
I ran my fingers down his body and came up and kissed.
Laying in bed after a rough first round I decider to get up and and put my clothes back on
" Umm... Harry I have to go home" I said silently
"Okay babe, call me later"
As I walked up my driveway I thought to my self
"Ohh,crap we didn't use protection"
Thinking that it wouldn't happen the first time I'd be safe
And that I'd be fine because i was only 18 and all.

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