When 4 girls are in middle school then head to high school. When they have about a month or 2 left something new happens in their life and these people find them and something about them just changed everything they were going for/wanting to do. But they figure out that now/what they do now has always been a dream that came true!


5. Saved My Life

Bella's POV

I was sitting in a room just think of what she said. She proabally did not mean too. It was proabally an accedent. So I texted my friend Niall. (Just to say We text each other but my grandparents don't let me talk or text him alot they want me to spend time with thme. So sometimes I get to talk to him or if he calls me but we barly get to call each other! So that is why I said I am texting Niall)

Talk with Niall

"Hey Niall."

"Hey Bella. Have not talked in a while. What have you been up to?"

"Nothing just at my new school. Don't worrie I am in a room that they said I could go in."

"Ohh I see! We don't have school today! It is Saturday! So yah. :)"

"Ohh I see it is Friday here! It is 1000 am here. Can't wait to get out of school!"

"It is 400pm here and why?"

"Because I aready had a girl laugh at me because Of my accent and I think that It was an accdent but not sure. And also I don't want to be here any more I want to be back home! MY real home Their in Ireland/London."

"I think your accent is cool! I wish you could of stayed. I begged your mother to let you stay. That you could of stayed here with me and my family."

"I wish. But my step-dad was out of control. So I coulden't. He dident even care for me and he hated me."

"Yah, to be hosnest I didn't like him either."

"That ius fine same here. Hey want to try this one thing. It is called Skype. Where we can see each other and talk to each other! It is so cool."

"Yah sure. What time.?"

"How about when it is 200pm here and it should be 800pm their. How about that?"

"Yah tha would be awesome! :)"

"IKR :)"

Right as I sent the message I heared a nosie and somebody say "I raither you suffer." I looked out the room and this guy was their and then he walked way. I went out their to the door and it was locked. THe somebody yelled Help. "Hang on!" I said and ran to where I meet the two girls. The girl with different color hair looked at me.

"Where is Aly?"

"I Don't know. Where are the keys? I need them!"

"Why what is wrong?"

"Somebody is trapped in a room and they need help."


She grabbed the keys and I showed her where the door way. She unlocked it and opened the door and a girl came out as fast as she could.

"Aly you okay?" I asked her.

"Yah Thanks You Bella and Echo."

"Echo? That is your name?"

"Yah why?"

"I like it it is a diffrent name and really cool!"


We were in the office for the rest of the day. So it was nice we got to know each other a bit better. These girls are really cool. I like them!!!!!


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