When 4 girls are in middle school then head to high school. When they have about a month or 2 left something new happens in their life and these people find them and something about them just changed everything they were going for/wanting to do. But they figure out that now/what they do now has always been a dream that came true!


4. How it all Started

First day of school. Great! This is going to be the worst day ever! My grandparents dropped me off at school. I walked in to the office. I am 20 minutes late. What a good start to the year. I walked into the office.

"ummmmm...... I am sorry but I am new and........."

"What is your name?" The ladie asked.

"Bella. Bella Malik."

"Okay hang on Ma'am." She picked up the Phone.

"Hi can you send down to the office Aly and Echo. Please"I waited. About 2 minutes later to girls came down into the office. One had Blonde hari with Blue, Purple, an dBlack on the tips of her hair. The other one just had blonde hair that was half way down her back.

"Hi girls. I was hoping that you guys could help our new students out. She is from the UK!"

"Hi I am Aly and You are from the UK!?" Aly said.

"Yah!" I said with my British/Irish accent.

The one with the different color hair started to laugh.

"May I leave please?"

"Yes you may." The office told me. She showed me that I could go into the room right around the corner. I walked in and closed the door.

Aly's POV~

"Echo why are you laughing?"

"Sorry I dident mean too!" Echo said.

"That is not right! I wanted to be friends with her. You know I am from the UK and I have Accent too."

"Yah so... I dident mean too! But why is her different from urs?"

"That is only because she has two different accents. I have only a British Accent. She has a British and Irish accent. I Like it! I think it is really cool! My brother has one it is really cool! I am going to go and talk to her!"

"Okay! I will wait right here."

"Okay." I started to walk off right when Echo said something.

"Aly can you tell her to please that I am sorry!"

"Yah sure."

"Okay girls I am leaveing for a while you guys are in charge like last time!" The ladie said.


She leaft then I went and looked to see what room she was in. This one guy named Damon came in.

"Hey did you see a girl go into one of these rooms?"

"YAH!!! I did! Y would you care." He said.

"Becasue were is she?"

"In this room right here."

"Okay Thanks Damon."

I walked in and right as i stepped in Damon shoved me in and I turned around to grabbed the door but Damon grabbed it, shut it and then he locked the door.


"NO! I rather you suffer!"

He left and I started to yell. Somebody came to the door. I didnt know who it was, or what would happen if I didnt get out of here........................



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