When 4 girls are in middle school then head to high school. When they have about a month or 2 left something new happens in their life and these people find them and something about them just changed everything they were going for/wanting to do. But they figure out that now/what they do now has always been a dream that came true!


3. Echo

Hi I am Echo. I am 18 year old. I am the oldest. I don't think Bella told you but my family left me and I was by myself. So Bella told me that I could stay with her and her grandparents. After I meet her and we hung out seh heard that I had no family and seh let me stay with her and her grandparents. How sweet of her. I blow the candles out on March 2nd 1993. Hwo I describe myself is: I have electric blue eyes, Blonde hair and at the ends of my hair it is Blue, Black, and Purple. It is cool! It looks really cute/ cool! Even Aly and Bella like it. I love Pandas even Panda Gloves. Sometimes Bella get hyper and Loud, Excited, too Much energy, or sad and afraid and I am the one to help her or calm her down to make her feel better! I Love Bella as a "Sister!" She would be the best sister you could ever have. When ever I am sad or down she always brings back up my spirit. So I Love her to death! Aly is the Sweet, Caring and Kind girl. Bella is the hyper and Funny and Jokeser girl. SO I is really funny!! :) Well, I also LOVE One DIrection too. Not as much as Bella. WOW!!!! SO Yh. :) LOL

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