When 4 girls are in middle school then head to high school. When they have about a month or 2 left something new happens in their life and these people find them and something about them just changed everything they were going for/wanting to do. But they figure out that now/what they do now has always been a dream that came true!


2. Aly

Hi I am Aly. I am 17 years old. Just to somethings up I am the youngest. It goes Echo, Bella, and then me. I Live in Texas but use to live in London England. Of course Bella and Echo are my best friends. Let me describe my self: When you first meet me I always want to know what you are like. I will bring your spirits up when you are down. I hate seeing my friends down. I love to pull pranks on my friends. Like One time I put two purple dots on Bella's face and poured cold water on her face. It was funny so I am a prankester. (While she was asleep) I have Blonde Hair that is half way down my back. I have Green Eyes. Bella tells me that I am way more prettier then her. I guess she is right! :) Also I am a HUGE One Direction Fan. I am in Love with them. Also just to say I am in LOVE with Harry Styles. Echo is in Love with Liam and Bella is in LOVE with Niall. So yh!! :)

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