When 4 girls are in middle school then head to high school. When they have about a month or 2 left something new happens in their life and these people find them and something about them just changed everything they were going for/wanting to do. But they figure out that now/what they do now has always been a dream that came true!


1. Bella

Hi I am Bella. I am 17 years old and I live in Texas. I use to live in Ireland. But was forced to move away. Aly and Silver are my closest friends besides my old friend Niall. Now let me describe myself: When you first met me you'll think I am very shy. But once we get to know each other better, I won't stop talking, I will laugh at everything. I would be the Joker and loves to be funny. I have brown straight hair that goes past my shoulders about 7 inches past. I also have one eye that is BLue as the ocean shore and the other one is a pretty hazal color. I wouldn't call myself ugly, but I ampretty. Aly and Silver are way more prettier then me. That is about it. Ohh yah! Also I am a HUGE fun of One Direction..... I LOVE their Music and Personalities are AmaZayn! :)

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