How meeting One Direction changed our lifes....

This story is about three normal girls that get bullied in school, love one direction. They have always wanted to meet them. When they get to meet them something changes in their life.........



Leticia P.O.V

To let you guys know about me. Well I'am  obviously the most popular girl in school, I like to make fun of people just to see them suffer!! LOL!! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION I havent met them yet but I ever did I' am gonna have the most fun,dieing of laughter  with NIALLER!! If you ever wonder how I look then you dont have to wonder anymore I have curly black hair, dark brown eyes,I'am thin well not that thin just like the site models. What do you think that Niall would find in a girl like Dibanhi? Pushh nothing!!! I'am a rich girl, I'am popular, every guy wants me to be their GF but I dont want to cuz then I wont be able to be NIall's GF. Well I have to go bye!! :D

Charliz P.O.V 

Yeah so you met Letica already? Well she's so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so I WANT TO FOOD!! OHH SORRY FOR THAT IT'S CUZ IAM REALLY HUNGRY SO I'AM GONNA CALL THE PIZZA MAN!! Oh yeah Leticia is so so so so so so so so mean!! "GIRLS!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?" Dibanhi half asked half yelles. "UP HERE WERE GONNA CALL THE PIZZA MAN!!" said Bri. "OK!!" Diva said. "Ok so call the piza man and tell him that we want the pizza of cheese and to add some ranch in the order. While I tell some other girls to come over. KK?" I asked Bri." FINE WITH ME!!" SHE SAID

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