How meeting One Direction changed our lifes....

This story is about three normal girls that get bullied in school, love one direction. They have always wanted to meet them. When they get to meet them something changes in their life.........


1. Intro ( by the way in the cover pic you can see us in the order we are introducing us)

Girl #1 : Hi guys!! My name is Dibanhi Lizcano. I´am 18 years old I get bullied in school along with two  other friends. I love 1D so much. My parents died in a car crash when I was 16. And now I live in my big house with my 2 BFF´S. My fave from the band is NIALLER!!

Girl #2 : Hello my friends!! My name is Charliz Melendez. I´am 19 years old I get bullied in school along with two other friends you already met one wich is Diva (nick name for Dibanhi). I´am a huge DIRECTIONER. I live with Diva and one other friend. My fave from the band is BOOBEAR!

Girl #3 : VAS HAPPENIN?!?!? My name is Brithney Mena!! I´am 17 years old I get bullied in school just as  Cahrli (nick name for Charliz) & Diva. I´am a MASSIVE, SUPER, MORE THAN YOU CAN THINK, "DIRECTIONER"!!! I live with Diva & Charli in the United States but we want to go to London!! My fave from the band is LEEYUM!! 


I´ll update later on. Please leave a comment if you want me to keep on going. BTW THANK YOU IF YOU READ THE INTRO!!

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