How meeting One Direction changed our lifes....

This story is about three normal girls that get bullied in school, love one direction. They have always wanted to meet them. When they get to meet them something changes in their life.........


2. Getting bullied at school,again.

Dibanhi´s P.O.V.

"WAKE UP LAZY HEAD!! ITS TIME TO GET UP AND GO TO SCHOOL!!" said Charli. I was having this woderfull  dream where I met ONE DIRECTION and I became Niall´s girlfriend till CHARLIZ woke me up :/ . "Ok,ok. I´am up!! What do we have for breakfast?" I asked. "We´re going to get breakfast at school." said Bri (Brithney) "Ok well please get out of the room so that can change ." I said. "OK!!" they both said in unusuion. I luaghed. They both got out of my bedroom and I put "Rock Me" by ONE DIRECTION. " DO YOU REMEBER SUMMER '09? WANNA GO BACH THERE EVERY NIGHT. JUST CANT LIE WAS THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE. LYING ON THE BEACH US THE SUN BLEW OUT, PLAYING THIS GUITAR BY THE FIRE TO LOUD. OH MY,MY THET COULD NEVER SHUT US DOWN!!" I started singing when i heard someone call out "HURRY UP DIVA!! WERE GOING TO MISS THE BUS!!" "COMING!!" I yelled back. As I was done getting ready I went down stairs. I saw Bri and Charli there. "FINEALLY!!" Charli said. "Ok lets get going. We got out of the house and reached for the bus  just in time. We went all the way to the back seat, and started talking about when we move to London till we heard someone say "YAY!! 'The Girls´ are leaving the school!" A boy said 'The Girls´where us. :( they get us nicknames. I wonder how´d it be in London. Will I ever have the chance to meet 1D? If I did would I become Niall´s girlfriend? I´ve always liked Niall since I heard his audition On the X-Factor I fell in love with him just to let you know what I was wearing for school We got to school & as soon as we steped outside this "Popular Girl" said " Ohh!! LOOK AT THOSE GIRLS!! THEY LOOK LIKE THEY HAVE NO MONEY FOR THE CLOTH THEY WEAR!!" She said. Her name is Leticia Reyes. Everyone, I mean everyone started to laugh at us. Bri was wearing this & Charli was wearing this .We always get bullied LIKE ALWAYS!!





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