It was destined to happen from the start. It only makes sense it happened now.

But not everybody gets a second chance.


1. Prologue

"Bella, it's time." I kept my eyes focused on the wall before me. I did not want to see my Banisher's face. I did not need to. I would know that voice anywhere. I nodded and let him prod me forward. I advanced forward with grace and dignity in my step. I would not lose the one thing I had left-- pride.


We made an entrance through a grand hallway. The Council sat before me, all dressed in black on my Mourning Day. I now realize how the others before me must have felt, the Council all dressed-up and taking pity on them on their last day here. How pathetic.


"Bellina Morav," the Elder thundered. "You are charged with Pledged Rebellion and murder of knights. You are stripped of your wings and powers. May you fall to Earth and rot to dust."


I smirked in spite of myself and Jon kicked the back of my knees. I cried out, not so much in physical pain, but in emotional. I knew he was doing his job, but.... I twisted around to see his expression, but his face was a solid block of ice-- nothing seeped through but cold hatred. For me, his best friend through life. I didn't cry. If he hated me so much, he didn't deserve my tears. I would make do without him. It's not as if I had a choice, anyway.


They gave me no warning, just let the floor drop out below me. A scream wrenched its way out of  my throat as my wings were torn off my back. Though I shouldn't have been able to feel the pain, I did. And it hurt like hell.


I hit the ground in a matter of seconds, it seemed. I didn't know how long I'd been in the air, long enough to lose my wings, but it hadn't seemed that long. Maybe it hadn't been.


The impact was too much and I slammed to the ground, my head rocked back and hit a rock. I felt warm liquid run down the side of my throat. The world went out of focus, then faded all together into a thick sea of black.

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