Wait for You

Autumn and Niall have been friends since the beginning but what happens when she moves away from him? Will they be torn and never be friends again?


4. A Great Night&Morning


Niall and I were segueing for quite a while now when the door flings open and hits the wall. "AUTUMN!!!" I knew who that was by the craziness and the sound of his voice it was Louis. "Louis!!!" I said back. "We missed you so much!" "I missed you too Lou!" I said as happy as I could. All of the other boys did the same as Lou but not as loud. Harry looked a little down so I went over to him. "What's wrong Harry?" I said confused. "Nothing just leave me alone." "Harry please te-" "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!" He yelled back. Tears started to form in my eyes as he walked away. Niall came over to me to comfort me. Now,tears were streaming down my face like a river."shhhhhh it's ok, Harry's just in a bad mood." He said holding me tightly and rubbing my back. "B-b-but what's w-wrong with h-harry?" I stuttered inbetween words. "I don't know right now." I kept crying until they all left, now it was just me and Niall. My eyes were red and I had a headache from all the crying. Niall and I were sitting on the couch not doing anything. "Do you want to watch a movie to get your mind off things?" Niall said breaking the silence. "Sure, but you pick." I said. I wasn't stuttering anymore I was more calmed down than I was before. Niall knew how to take care of me, he always knew what to do for me either if I was mad, sad, or confused, he always knew how to take good care of me.

Niall came out with Ace Ventura:Pet Detective and put it in the DVD player he pressed play and we watched the movie and it accually got my mind off of things. We laughed a lot because the movie was halarious. Towards the middle of the movie I lied my head on Nialls shoulder and eventually fell asleep.


After the boys have left I knew Autumn needed to get her mind off of things. "Do you want to watch a movie to get your mind off things?" I suggested. "Sure,but you pick." I got up off of the couch and went to the cabinet that was full of movies. Then, I found the perfect movie for her. I went back in the living room and put the movie Ace Ventura:Pet Detective in the DVD player. The movie was hilarious, we couldn't stop laughing. During the middle of the movie she started to drift off to sleep, with her head on my shoulder and the sound of her breathing. I didn't want to wake her right away so I finished the movie, picked her up bridal style and carried her to her room. When I opened the door and lied her down on her bed she woke up. "Niall can you sleep with me tonight? I had a bad dream." "Sure love." I started out the door to get some blankets when she said something. "Niall?" "Yeah?" "I threw away my air mattress because it had a hole in it so..." "Well is it ok if I sleep with you?" "Sure, I don't think it'll hurt." I climbed in to the bed next to her. "Thanks" I said "You are so very welcome" she said back. I fell asleep thinking about her.

*the next morning*


I woke up with Autumns head on my chest and her arms wrapped around me and I had my arms wrapped around her too. I must have moved around a bit because she woke up. "Good morning Nialler" she said to me tiredly. I wanted to make her laugh so I did. "Top of the morning to ya!" I said stupidly. Just as I knew it she started cracking up. When she stopped laughing we looked into each others eyes. "What?" She said smiling. "Nothing your eyes are just so beautiful." I said charmingly. I really liked Autumn I just didn't know if she liked me back the same way.


I woke up in Nialls arms with my head on his chest but my arms were wrapped around him too. I really liked Niall and respected him and every day I hoped he would like me back but I just can't tell if he feels the same way. "Good morning Nialler" I said. I guess I sounded tired. Niall smiled an evil smile and said "Top of the morning to ya!" He said stupidly but I thought it was adorable. I laughed so hard because he said that, Niall just made me feel safe and he always knew how to make me happy, for a moment I thought that I was his but, I wasn't, do I really love Niall? Does he feel the same way about me? Questions filled my head until I realized that me and Niall were staring in each others eyes an I loved it. "What?" I said in confusion. "Nothing your eyes are just so beautiful." He said with a charm. When Niall said that I blushed...... hard. Niall just giggled. "Come on let's go and get something to eat." Niall said hungrily. "Alright! I'm starving!!" "Really me too!" "I wouldn't be surprised,Niall your always hungry." I said giggling.


I really felt bad about going off in Autumn the other day and making her cry like that. I really didn't mean to, I'm just so jealous of Niall he got and awesome girl to be his best friend, she problably doesn't want to be friends with me anymore after I went off on her like that. "Liam!!!!" I called from upstairs. He soon came into my room. "What's up mate?" "I have to talk to you about something private." I gave him the 'shut the door' look and he did. "Is this about Niall and Autumn?" "Ye- wait how did you know?" "I could tell by the way you went off on Autumn the other day." "Oh, well I kinda seem to like her." "I see, well you just need to hold your feelings in, you've gotten alot of girls and Niall hasn't really so give him the chance on this one, alright mate?" I couldn't believe it I don't know if I can hold in my feelings for her but ill try. "Alright" "Promise?" "Promise, thanks Liam." "Yup any time. Oh, and you should go and apologize to her about ou know what." "Ok I will" then he walked out. I took a deep breath, and went Togo and freshen up before apologizing.*30 minutes later* I walked up to the door of her flat and rang the doorbell. But who opened it wasn't who I thought it would be. "Oh…hi Harry, Autumn and I were just making pancakes. Autumn, Harry's here!" Niall said before motioning me to come in.
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