The life of Zayn and me

Jessie is the new girl in town and becomes besties with Zayn. Soon Jessie discovers she might like zayn more than she ever thought she would. With zayns x factor autditions coming soon, will true love prevale


1. Just the begining

Jessie's pov

I walked into the new suronding almost shocked about how beautiful Pacific Coast Acadamy looked, and waved goodbye to my older brother Jake one last time. It was my first time coming back  to school for over 2 years after i started getting home schooled. I felt someone shove me from behind leaving me fall on my bum, making it ache a whole lot.   Thanks alot I thought smuggly while glaring at a tall blond smirking at me as she walked away. "looks like a made a new enemy on my first day " i murmered. My wavy brown hair drooped down my face as i struggled to tie my laces. As i got up and wiped my bum i got many glares from who i thought were the blond girls friend. suddenly a bright red shirt caught my eye and as i looked up to see who it was i nearly tripped over my feet.

Zayns pov

As i walked across the hall to home room a short brunette caught my eye and while trying to get a better look at her face i nearly tripped over some girls back pack. I relunctingly took a second glace over at her ugh i thought not my ex Jane again. The tall blond waved at me with one of her take me back puppy faces. Suddenly the thought of the brunette filled my head again making me forget all about jane. I walked casualy to he and acidently knocked her on her bum. I gave mysel a mental head smack and helped her up. "hi my names zayn, sorry about knocking you over like that. I was just distracted by...umm...wait cross that. I see your knew hear" i said quickly changing the topic. "Its ok and i am new here" she replied in the most heavenly voice i could ever imagine. "so.. My named zayn whats you name?" I asked dying to know the owner this amazing girl. " my names Jessie, nice to meet you zayn." Jessie i thought what a beautiful name. Even though we had just met i felt as though i alredy knew her completly but i knew thhis was just the begining.




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