A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


3. No more One Direction!


Aarici felt sick to her stomach 3:20 Pm. She sat on the couch and waited forever for Reese to help her with the Home Work she had missed. 

Ding* Reese came in and saw Aari on the couch,
"Yay! Your here! Peanuts!" Aaricia jumped up for joy

(From Reese's Point of View)

Oh god, why did I have to be assign to this girl?!?!? 
She is so skinny! Why can't I be that skinny? I have to loose weight!

"I made you some cake! Do you want some?" Aari asked me excitedly
"No thanks," I replied with a smile

She is trying to make me fat! Seriously!!!!!!, I need to take my mind off this.

"Do you have a radio?" 
"Yeah it's over there why?" 
I went over to the radio and turned it on "I work better with music," 
"oh, ok"

-This is One Direction! With "What Makes You Beautiful!- the guy on the radio said, 
"JUST GO AWAY 1D!!!!!!!" I lost it! they were already in our school! why did they have to be everywhere else?
"You- you hate One Direction." I heard Aaricia's voice tell me from the couch, something about her was different her voice sounded weak and small. I looked at her.... Crying! Why is this girl crying! Why can't I just end my life already? 

"Wait! what's wrong?" I smiled at her to make her feel better, tears were streaming down her cheeks and she pointed at the floor, I looked down and found a shattered glass case and a piece of paper and a broken pendant. My hand must have hit it, there was blood on my right hand.

"My dad- he gave that to me.... before he left" She began 
"For a business trip?" I asked partially interested, could this be part of Aaricia no one knew?
"He would always give me one before he would travel, at that time while he was in the UK he had a heart attack while walking down the street... minutes he just laid there. Everyone thought he would have died but someone saved him... five people saved him, one direction. I owe them my life for saving my father, but 2 months latter he had to do more things in the UK, another heart attack.... no one was there to save him... he died in a UK hospital at age 41" She finished, I felt tears form in my eyes too.

"You can just get a new box to put the stuff in" I suggested 
"No, it was custom made.... by One Direction themselves" She said with no soul, she carefully got off the couch and picked up the glass, pendant and the paper.
"Thank's for stopping by I think I can figure the rest out myself," She smiled at me at that moment her older sister came in... Alice

"Oh who is this?" Alice said, her body was skinny too, perfect model figure. 
"I'm Reese, just leaving though sorry," I said and dashed for the door

(No Point of View)

"Want some cake?" Aari asked getting off the floor, she had put the shattered glass and other things in a bag,
"Not today" 
"I made it, though!" Aaricia half pouted half yelled at Alice
"Maybe, just a bite... you didn't poison it did you?" Alice questioned
"NO! who do you think I am? A terrorist?" 
The two of them laughed and enjoyed the cake.... or at least Alice took a small slice, while Aari ate the rest of it.

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