A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


2. Lunch is Perfect?

Aaricia happily skipped to her seat at the lunch table, Emma and Alice were already there. Once Aaricia sat down Sienna, Emi, Jenna, Stacey and Kate sat down with their lunches. Everyone had their lunch except Aari who normally got 2 to 5 ice creams instead.
"Why are there tables over there?" Aari asked Sienna pointing to a slightly raised stage
"Probably for ONE DIRECTION!" Kate said, Kate was a big 1D fan.
"Why are they eating there then?" Aaricia questioned Kate
"I feel really bad for them, having to eat the school lunch" Stacey said taking a bite out of her own lunch
"I think they'll have something different," Emma said as she turned to look at the stage

The sound of screaming girls roared through the hall to the lunch room, Aaricia covered her ears a little bit scared. The 1D boys have sat down and they were eating the school lunch, all of the screaming girls were told to sit down and stop screaming. But that didn't last long when Liam started talking,
"Hello every o- Screaming- ne how are you doing today?" Liam said -more screaming- , non One Direction fans rolled their eyes and looked supper annoyed.

"Sing for us!" Emi commanded Aari, everyone at Aaricia's table kept bugging Aari to sing
"No!" Aaricia replied still covering her ears to block out the screaming, only Jenna and Sienna had heard her sing before.

"Poke!" Kate said poking Aari's cheeks, Aari glared at Kate at least that's what she was trying to do,
"I WANNA GET SOME IC- " Aaricia started jumping up, but the room fell silent when she started yelling 
"SHUT UP!" Alexis one of the "popular" girls said, everyone else in the room stared at Aari 
"Eeeeeeeek!" Aari hid behind Kate, and whispered into her ear
"I wan't to get ice cream" she whispered into Kate's ear, Kate let out a small laugh and went with Aari to buy ice cream. 

"Loui shut up!" Liam hit Louis in the face
"CARROTS!"  Louis yelled 

~Screams from fans~

Louis smiled 

~More screams~

"Nialler.... what are you doing?" Liam turned to Niall who was eating a large cookie
"Eatin" Niall responded with his mouth full

The lunch room fell silent when a girl started yelling, everyone had their eye's on a girl with brown hair and blue eyes, 

"SHUT UP!" another one said, 

wow, what an interesting middle school we got here..... I wonder what the high school is like..... Harry thought to himself

"Boys there seems to be a storm coming tonight our flight may be grounded," Paul said looking at his phone
"Wait, what does that mean?" Niall asked Paul 
"We have to stay here, we can't go back to the UK morning" Paul said very slowly so Niall got every word, Niall frowned at Paull
"Oh," was all Niall said and went back to his cookie

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