A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


6. Last Encounter Louis


The members of One Direction look at each other then to Paul,
"Sooo?" Zayn began reading his clue
"I think we should find this girl!" Louis said jumping up, just the his phone lit up with a text from Eleanor 
"Yeah, I guess this would be fun," Liam commented reading his clue over and over again because it made no sense
"I'm going to start in the lunch room," Niall said and walked out the door to the cafeteria, the rest of the 1D boys started to laugh but they 
didn't know going to the lunch room made some sense for what Niall's clue said
"Wait Niall!" Paul called but it was too late, he looked at the others "You have until the end of the day,go" Paul told them under his breath.
"Ok!" Louis exclaimed and decided to decode his clue. 

"I'm not short, no no no I'm Taller than you!"

So is this girl taller than me? must mean she is the eighth grade... or a super tall sixth/seventh grader

Louis left the room and headed for the eighth grade hall

"I can Paint the World! With my mind"

The first part made sense, it had to do with art. but the next part?

Zayn sat there until he decided to check out the arts section of the school

"Pink is perfect, Always have to wear it"

This girl wears pink! easy just look for the one wearing pink! I like girls who wear pink

Harry thought to himself as he left the room to walk around, finding any girl wearing pink

"Shot me out of the sky! Food is still my life!" 

So she like food? Mmmmmm food something to eat would be good now, now... where was that lunch room?

Niall thought as he made his way to the cafe

"I don't yell! My voice is naturally this loud!"

Hmmm, maybe it's someone who has a loud voice? Not much help for a clue

Liam didn't move still trying to figure out the clue

((Louis POV))

I said good bye to my lovely Eleanor on the phone, and went straight to the eighth grade hall. Everyone was in class now but the teacher wouldn't mind if I drop by right?.... well too late to ask
"HELLO?!?!?" I yelled and peered my head through the door. A group of girls screamed from the far end of the room.
"I'm here to ask you a question" I said to no one, but to some one that would answer
"What is it?" The teacher said looking annoyed... Well excuse me I am simply just trying to find something!
"Can I have a list of all the girls who are taller than uhhhh 5' 8" ?" I said trying to figure out how tall I am... I just guessed but and inch or two wont make much of a difference.
"How do you expect-" A short girl with dirty blonde hair started from the back of the room
"Done" another called she was very short and had green eyes and ash brown hair, I walked over to her to see what she meant by done...
it was a list of every girl's name who was over 5' 8"... How the? Did the do this?!?! The List had 15 names! each with a description of what she looks like... Why does this girl seem to familiar? 
"Is there something wrong?" She asked me 
"No, nothing is wrong....What's your name?" I asked getting lost in her left eye, something about it didn't seem right
"Aaricia," she said and went back to writing something in a note book, I left the room but the eye still bothered me.
First on this list a girl named Eliza Stone 5' 8" 

((Zayn POV))

Where is everyone? 
"Are you lost?" A girl said painting on a canvas
"Who are you?" I asked a bit confused as to why she was the only one there
"I'm Reese, and your Zayn... Good Bye!" She said and rolled her eyes at me, must not like One Direction
I didn't move to see if she had any item that would catch my eye... her bracelet! it was engraved with the letters RDM same thing on the note she had left... it must be hers! I shouldn't jump to conclusion though... 
"So when are you going to go leave?" Reese said painting away
I went back to back stage where we were hanging out.... Why was Liam still here?

((Harry POV))

Ok, where is everyone? The halls were all empty.... The loud speaker! I could ask from the loud speaker! 
I sneaked into the maid office and made a quick announcement
"Hello? This isn't Harry I'm looking for a girl who is wearing pink and if she could come to the main office that would help thank you" My voice trailed off because I saw a girl out side who was wearing pink! 
"Hey! You!" I called trying to get her attention
"What me?" She said 
"Yeah... what's your name love?" I asked looking for a special object or something she had a blue diamond earrings but nothing else that seemed out of the ordinary. 
"My name is Carly Derrington" She said leaning closer to me
"Thanks I have to go now sorry bye!" I quickly said to not waste time... I didn't want to be mean to the girl but the lady in the main office had just found out that I made an announcement and was hunting me down.

((Niall POV))

Yes! Finally I found the lunch room! Then these bunch of sixth graders came by to ask for my autograph... can't I just eat in peace? If I wasn't in this school I would have cursed at them then and there... not because I wanted to be mean, just I was hungry! They would understand!
Food! I want it now!.... do do do do do do do do do do do do... Maybe I'll get some ice cream at an ice cream store or something, Where is Harry when you need him to drive you somewhere?..... Why is Harry on the loud speaker? A girl in pink! That must be his clue! Now its some girl who like food and wears pink, wait... I'm still hungry!!!!!

((Liam POV))

What does this mean? I sat there thinking and thinking. Everyone had left then the doors opened again after Harry made that small announcement to the whole school. The girl wears pink, I went to Dani for some help.
(("L" stands for Liam, and "D" stands for Danielle))
L: Hey 
D: What's up Liam?
L: I need you help with some thing
D: Ok, What is it?
L: What do u cll some one who had a naturaly loud voice?
D: hmmm. I think this person would be involved with speaking, or they just like to have their voices heard
D: I have to go, chat with you later oh and it took me a while to figure out your text
L: fin take csre, love, bye

"Liam?" What are you still doing here?" Zayn said walking into the room
"Nothing just trying to figure out my clue," I said and gave him a slightly confused look "What about you mate?" I asked, he chuckled quietly and gave me a cheeky grin 
"I think I know who she is I need help getting the item though," I stared at him in amazement. Had he really found the girl?
"Who is it?" I asked putting my own note away into my pocket
"A girl named Reese, it's her bracelet with the letter RDM engraved into it, you wanna help me mate?" Zayn said with a mischievous smile
"Yeah, what first?" I said ready for this.

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