A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


8. Getting it Done

"Aaricia can I have that pendant?" Harry asked smiling at Aaricia
"No way!" Aaricia yelled at Harry, Harry was in shock of what Aari had said and she ran towards the kitchen
"Wait no, Aari come back!" Harry got up to go after Aari 
"Don't even try," Alice and Zayn said at the same time. 
"But she still likes me right? As a person?" Harry asked the rest of his band mates and Alice with a questionable look
"Can't say, she acts that way to anyone who tries to take her pendant" Alice told Harry
"But I have to know now! Aaricia!-" Harry called walking toward the kitchen 
"Harry come back" Louis said "Liam will go ask her" Harry came back to sit next to Louis, 
"Wait why me?" Liam asked "Can't Alice just do it?"
"No I can't, she will only give it to someone she trusts" Alice explained 
"But your her sister?" Zayn asked Alice 
"Yeah, I know... Liam can you just try? You only have 28 minutes left" Alice pleaded Liam
"Sure love," Liam said in defeat and walked to the kitchen

As soon as Liam got there he was in shock, because of all the food Aaricia was eating. 
"Liam! what do you want?" Aaricia said happily 
"Harry just wants to know if your mad at him" Liam said walking over to sit on one of the stools next to Aari
"Harry, no I'm not mad I can never be mad at you guys, since you helped my father..." Aaricia quietly said and continued eating
"Wait what?" Liam asked confused looking at her right eye something was bothering him yet he couldn't tell why. Aaricia had "blue eyes" Liam noticed.
"Is there something wrong Liam- " Aaricia began
"I'M HUNGRY!" Niall said walking into the kitchen, Niall stopped to look at the arrangement of foods on the table. 
"Where's my food?" Niall asked Liam and Aari.
"If you wanted food then go get some, you too Liam" Aari said gesturing towards the rest of the kitchen
"Nice," Niall said and walked to the fridge 
"Nialler please don't take all their food," Liam told Niall who already had taken out a cake.
"Excuse me? No one gets in between me and my food." Niall told Liam, Aaricia started to laugh hysterically 
"Aaricia, can I have that necklace for a few?" Niall asked walking up to Aari 
"It's a pendant...and yes," Aaricia answered with hesitation and carefully took it off. Liam stood there in amazement
How in the world did Niall get it?!?!? 
Niall thanked Aaricia and went back to the living room

"I got it," Niall said holding it up for the rest to see,
"How? did you get it!?!?!?!" Alice said super concerned
"Rici! come here for a sec please?" Alice yelled at the kitchen, moments later Liam and Aaricia walked in.
"I'll be taking that thank you," The man in shades from earlier said and snatched the pendant from Niall's hand, soon the man was making a b-line for the door.
"HEY! COME BACK HERE!" Aaricia yelled after the odd man and was now chasing him.
"AARICIA! Stop!" Alice said running after Aaricia, Aari stopped and was filled with rage...

Can this be real? My pendant!.... it was Niall, I hate him! I don't know how this is possible I can't hate any of them, they saved my father... Niall how could you...!

Aari stomped to the kitchen to eat some food, her cat Chubington came and sat on Aari's lap. 

"She looked quite mad..." Louis commented stating the obvious, 5 minutes left, and they had their concert in an hour
"Niall go apologize it would be a start," Zayn suggested to Niall who was still a bit in shock processing exactly what just happened
"I can't not until I get the necklace-" Niall began
"Pendant" everyone said in union
"-Pendant back to Aari" Niall said determined
"Not to ruin the moment but... She is 13 Niall she will soon forget about it in a couple of months or so" Louis said looking at the clock
"No, it doesn't matter I want to... help me lads?" Niall said with a grin
"Sure Nialler" They all said 
"Alice?" Niall asked 
"Can't sorry but I hope you do get it, it means the world to her." Alice replied escorting them out of the house... "good luck at your concert tonight! I'll try to make Aari come see it" Alice said and smiled at them
"Thanks, bye love" Harry said, and they all left to do their last concert at the middle school.
They were going to the high school tomorrow then it was back to the UK

-At the concert-

The boys were not ready for the concert they had to make it up to Aari... at least Niall did. They ended up performing songs from their Up All Night album

1. Taken
2. More than this
3. Should've Kissed You
4. What Makes You Beautiful
5. Up All Night
6. I want
7. Tell Me a Lie
8. Na Na Na 

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