A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


5. Encounter 3 Liam nd Niall?

Liam and Niall walked down a hall with large windows
"Hey guys," Alexis said both Niall and Liam turned around. Liam gave Alexis a small smile and Niall just stood there waiting 
"Hello...." Liam began
"My name is Alexis" Alexis said and batted her eyes, just at the same moment Aari was just around the corner

((Aari POV You Have Been Warned!)) 

huh? What were they doing the bell ringed a minute ago...the teacher isn't going to be so happy.... 
I need to be stealthy... gotta roll for stealth! Wait I could be a spy! I thought to my self and jumped up in the air maybe if I could time this right I could dash and make it to the Main office without them noticing! If I can only turn into a cat or mouse or bunny like in Fruits Basket! 
That makes me wanna start singing! wait no I can't sing now have to deliver a special message! 
play it cool! Play it cool... what am I saying? I skip down the halls passing by the bunch...I notice Liam, Niall, and Alexis the girl who told me to shut up two days ago at lunch. 
I was in the middle of skipping and stopped exactly in mid air like there was a wall that made me go strait down. I waved at Alexis because she was my bestest Friend! but she just rolled her eyes at me and started chating with liam... I frowned at Alexis and happily dashed away.... SUPER AARI IS HERE!!! I got to the main office and delivered the message... The lady gave me a chocolate! Isn't she so nice?!?! Yum Yum Yum

((Ok Ummm she has gotten a little more down to earth in this part but.... it will now be in Liam's POV))

I continued to smile at this Alexis girl, me and Niall just came from the main office and now were looking for the other, couldn't find them though
"So how's your girlfriend?" Alexis asked me I wasn't paying too much attention 
"Oh, Danielle? She's fine it was our anniversary about two weeks ago," I responded I couldn't stop but glance at Niall who kept giving me the look saying lets go. I wanted to go but this is the last day in this middle school and I want to make it special for all the fans... I should do a twit-cam! in the school! Then I noticed another girl had stopped next to Alexis and waved... were they friends? 
no they weren't because Alexis rolled her eyes and continued her chat with me... are they sisters? the girl looked about 8 or so.. Odd.
"Can we go now?" Niall said walking away
"Oh right, sorry bout him he's just hungry" I quickly said and waved good bye to Alexis

((OK now no POV!))

"Zayn mate?" Liam looked over at Zayn who was checking his hair in a mirror
"Yeah?" He replied turning around to look at liam
"Remember two days ago when you said there was the really strange girl?" 
"Yeah, what about her... did you meet her?" Zayn asked half intrested half not
"I did" Harry said walking in playing on a DS 
"Who are we talking about?!?!?!" Louis asked poking Harry's cheek
"Aaricia Hotz" Harry said and playfully slapped Louis in the face so he wouldn't mess up his game
"Why is she in the school skip a grade?" Liam asked still a bit lost
"Or several grades?" Niall chimed in, Niall seemed happier now that he had some food
"No she is the eighth grade same age as everyone else" Harry said
"How do you know that?" Zayn asked looking at Harry
"I have my sources" Harry said with a smirk

"Last day guys were going to the High school tomorrow do you want to to a concert tonight for the school?" Paul asked the boys of One Direction, while holding a phone

Yes, they all responded... the the door was kicked open by a tall model looking girl with short black hair

"Hello 1D I have a present for you... this is your last day right? Starting right now you must find a girl, she has something of mine and I want it... each one of you will get a different clue... but you can't share clues with anyone I am having a special camera crew follow each one of you individually and good luck." The model lady person said with a grin and walked out leaving a note. saying

You get the item, a reward will come

"What was that about?" Louis asked to no one in particular just then a man in shades offered Louis a black hat.
"Pick one it's your clue" 

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