A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


4. Encounter 2 Harry. Speaking Foreign

Aaricia sat in her forth period french class, Millie who sat next to her had short blonde hair and was chatting away with Morgan. (Who were both Directioners) 
"Classe, nous avons un visiteur. Harry Styles" Lilly raised her hand to translate what the teacher had said,
"Harry Styles is coming to the class,"
"Oui" The teacher said and Harry walked through the door
"uuhh bonjour" Harry began "I'm Harry Styles and I can speak French"
"I know that already," Morgan said from the back of the room
"Harry is just going to watch the class, you don't mind do you?" The French teacher said getting her stuff
"yeah, sure that's fine.... Bye!" Harry said waving to the teacher
"Ok so it looks like you have to do this packet, does your teacher let you work in groups?" Harry looked at the class holding a small stack of papers
"......Yes!" The whole class said in union, everyone broke up into groups except for Aaricia who was sitting alone at the desk working by herself.
"What are you doing?" Aaricia jumped because Harry was sitting next to her
".....I'd like to be a tree" Aaricia said not thinking, Harry looked at Aaricia with a confused look
"What's you name?" Harry asked Aaricia 

"Harry! Tell Taylor to get off me!" Kate yelled 
"Who?" Harry looked in the direction where the call for help was coming from. Kate pointed to Taylor, Harry left Aaricia and got Taylor off of Kate.
"Why is that girl working all alone?" Harry quietly asked Kate
"Aaricia?" Kim walked over to Aaricia and hugged her "What are you doing?" 
"Eating" Aaricia replied Kate looked at the desk to find a Baguette. Kate laughed and hugged Aari some more.
"Hey, Aari do you wan't to come join us? Ya know with your food?" Taylor asked Aari
"Ummm no this is mine! But you can have this one!" Aaricia said taking another baguette and gave it to Taylor.
"Sooooo Harry, How are you doing?" Morgan came over and started flirting 
"Well, I'm good thanks for asking" Harry said and smiled at Morgan

"Watashi wa ryōri ga suki" Aari said eating the baguette
"English please?" Lilly asked
"I like food!" Aari replied
"We know" Kate said laughing
"Aaricia love, were you the one who yelled during lunch 2 days ago?" Harry said in his accent
"Yes, I was just saying I wanted to get some ice cream" Aari responded blushing 
Harry smiled at Aari, "SO any ways Harry! You seeing anyone now?" Morgan said directing the attention to herself 
"Not at the moment why?" Harry asked a little bit interested Harry thought Morgan was pretty but wore way to much make up 
"Nothing" Morgan said and winked at Harry 
"Oooooooo!" Kate said acting childish 
"Stop it," Morgan said acting dumb and gave Kate a light slap on the face

If you wanted to know what the other boys were doing!
Niall: Spanish
Louis: Italian (I know he doesn't really speak italian!)
Liam: Spanish
Zayn: English

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