A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


1. Encounter 1 Zayn. So this is Aaricia for ya

3rd period Aaricia had P.E 
"OK today we will run two laps around the gym then we will head for the auditorium for the meeting" the gym teacher said, Aari's two friends were chatting together while Aari was walking around aimlessly. The gym teacher blew her whistle signaling them to start everyone was running/sprinting/jogging/walking except Aari who was skipping. 

~At this time will 8th graders please come down to the auditorium ~  the lady on the loud speaker came on 

(OK during the meeting we will be in Aaricia's POV...so umm good luck... You will need it!)

I was nonchalantly  walking behind my friends... or maybe I was swagger walking! Swagger walk do do do do do! Swagger walk do do do do do!
"Aaricia, ummm what are you doing?" Emi asked me, I think I will name my plant Emi! 
"I am walking! YAY! Crush! Kill! Destroy! Swag!" I answered Emi and gave a smile, Sienna who was also my best friend laughed. I frowned at her
"So have you gotten my unicorn yet?" I asked
"No?" she replied
"What Unicorn?" Emi asked
"Aari wants a unicorn"
"From Walmart! I only want it from Walmart!"
"Yeah from Walmart" Sienna finished,
"Of coarse that's what Aaricia wants" Emi looked at me and then at Sienna.
I'm hungry! where is that lovely gym teacher that kills me every day? 
"Ummmm I am quite hungry, may I have some food to go into my stomach?"
"No?" the teacher gave me a funny look and told me to pay attention..... but wwwwwhhhhyyyyy?!?!?!? it was so boring! Loud music came blasting through the speakers I quickly covered my ears. ITS SO LOUD I CANT HEAR MYSELF THINK! oh and for the heads up i'm not mental ! I am supercalifra- whatever whatever whatever!!!! Then it hit me, not literally because that would hurt. the music suddenly died down and you would have never guessed but One Direction was on the stage. Over half the room started shrieking and fangirling they were all Ackin' so Cray Cray! 
"Hello there everyone" one of them said I don't know I didn't have my glasses on
"We are One Direction!" More shrieks, I guess I couldn't take it because I think I lost hearing in my left ear, not my right, my rights OK  I named my right ear Pizzzzza with 5 Zs I like the letter Z because its the first letter of the Alphabet when you are standing on your head! I got up to ask a monitor to be dismissed from this crazy meeting, she didn't hesitate and let me go. Holding my ears I pushed the door open with my head good thing the auditorium was sound proof, I wonder who made sound proofyness? I bet it was the Waffle God or something like that! 
POTATOES!!!!!!! I got a little bored sitting there by myself so I decided to take a walk in a small circle. I ended up singing PonPonPon by Kyary Pamyu. I sang it super quietly so no one would hear!
"Were you the one singing?" 
I turned around to see Zayn Malik "ummmm no? are you lost?" 
"yeah kind of, and who was?" 
"My good pal Liliana!"
"And where is Liliana?" 
"you cant see her?!?!?! Maybe you should get some glasses" I gave him a smile and motioned him to go down these stairs then make a right open the door and you will end up back stage. 
"Thanks, uh" 
"Aaricia. I am hungry do you happen to have any food on you?" 
"awwws poo ok, well by!" I left Zayn to walk down the stairs all by himself I hope he doesn't trip! OMG I realized I had a chocolate in my pocket and I just ate that, mmmmmm! yum yum yum! What a happy day to be a R-A-C-C-O-O-N! 

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