A Possible 1D Love Story "Happy Go Lucky"

What happens when you have an adventure with One Direction?
Just to realize in the end it was all a big mistake, since your only just a fan and nothing more? Well that's what happened to Aaricia!


7. As it nears the night

"Hey lads!" Niall said walking in with an ice cream cone
"I see you got hungry?" Zayn said looking at Niall
"When is he not?" Louis said, and everyone started laughing 
Each of the boys knew that the girl wore pink thanks to Harry, and what ever their clue was.
"She said you couldn't share clues not the info you gathered" a girl with light purple hair said leaning on the door 
"Where did you come from?" Harry asked 
"The door," she said, the boys laughed at her little remark
"So, what have you been able to find? My name is Alice by the way" Alice questioned the boys. 
Each one of them started to take a fancy in her but Niall because Alice looked too perfect, or he just was more intersted ice cream.
"I got 4 girls," Louis said waving around a list, Harry grabbed the list from Louis' hand 
"Why are some of the names crossed off?" He asked Louis 
"Because these girls weren't wearing pink!" Louis responded and laughed 
"So you heard?" Harry asked his band mates
"It was on the loud speaker, who didn't hear" Liam said
"I found one girl who could possible be it" Zayn said quietly
"I found 58 girls who would be it!" Harry told everyone coolly 
"58?" Alice asked shocked 
"Yup" Harry smiled at Alice, who gave him a smile back
"I got 100" Niall said finishing up his ice cream
"ok so in total that's  163 girls" Alice said quickly 
"Loui give me the names" Alice said turning to face Louis
"Ok... First Alexis Chasse, Reena Stephano, Jullia Monico, and Taylor Firroy all in the eighth grade" Louis read off the names that weren't crossed off. Making a mental note in Alice's mind
"Reese. That's it" Zayn said fixing his hair
"No last name?" Niall asked looking a bit sad because his ice cream "disappeared"
"Reese Moreh, I know her because she's my sister's home work buddy... Loui may I see that list?" Alice asked Louis
"Sure thing love" Louis quickly responded 

All of these girls were taller than or exactly 5' 8" but Reese was only 5' 3". I can access the schools record to find more about these girls...or I can just ask Rici

I rewrote the list of girl down "Niall wich of these girls are the ones you got from you clue" Alice said showing Niall the list
"Reena, and Taylor" Niall said without even looking at the list.
"Reena, Reese, Taylor, Alexis, and Jullia could all be the one- " Alice was interrupted by the beeping of her watch, and she left the room.
"Wait we need you to help us solve this!" Louis loudly called after Alice. 
"Come to my house after school, I live on... We will discuss this later" Alice replied to Louis and officially left the school
"Five girls, each of them has a special object?" Liam said, all of the boys nodded in union, an hour before school ends.

Aaricia sat patiently in her 9th period math class, waiting for everyone to finish their tests, 

Why was Louis Toml-in-son in my english class? why was he looking for some girl! 

Aari's mind thought for a little while until it lost interest and she started to mass doodle the Big Dango Family on a piece of paper. As the song replayed inside her head.

*TIME SKIP* -At the Hotz house-

"Woah!" Niall said in awe looking at the house as they pulled up the long driveway, when they reached the top all of them got out and started off for the door
"You have one hour!" Paul called to them "I need to make sure everything else is fine for tonight's show" He finished

"Ding-dong" the door bell ringed,
"Ali? Do you have some friends over?" Aaricia asked watching Alice get the door
"Yes, can you not bother us? We are trying to figure something out" Alice commanded Aari who was perched on the railing of the very top of the stairs, Aari responded with a nod. 

"Hey" Alice said, opening the door to let One Direction in. As they were saying their hellos Liam noticed Aari siting at the top of the steps
"Aaricia?" Liam asked a little confused "You live here?"
"Yup, Alice is my older sister" Aari said, Alice gave her the look telling Aaricia to go do something else 
"Come join us, we may need you help." Liam told Aari and gave her a smile,
"Sorry but I cant, I have something really important to do," Aaricia responded partially insincere. Aaricia was over 10 feet above the ground and she jumped off, 
"WAIT!" Harry yelled and raced to catch Aari,
"NO HARRY DON'T- "Alice began knowing to never mess Aari up when she was taking a death leap

"Gaah! Harry out of the- Ooof" Aari fell in Harry's arms 
"You're so light!" Harry exclaimed still holding Aari in his arms the others started laughing, even Alice
"Hazz? I think you should put her down now mate" Liam said still laughing
"Oh right," Harry said and placed Aari down and he slightly blushed 
"Bye!" Aari said and skipped to the kitchen
"Sorry about her" Alice said and directed them to follow her to the living room
"It's fine," Niall responded 
"Yeah, she actually seemed like a pretty fun girl" Louis added looking at a picture on  a small table then it hit him 

The man in this photo! We were all going to Harry's and my flat and we found him on the ground in the snow! 

"Loui mate?" Zayn asked trying to snap Louis out his thinking state to come rejoin the rest or them.
"Sorry," Louis said and placed the photo down. The boys had one thing on their mind now... it was Aaricia she had the item, it was a pendant it only mattered about getting it from her
"Good luck with that, you don't know how much it means to her" Alice commented
"We don't have to get it right? This is all in good fun" Harry said 
"No that was the the challenge lady, she could end you in two seconds if you don't complete a challenge you already accepted" Alice said finishing putting her number in their phone
"Thanks love" Harry took his phone and grinned at Alice. 
"Rici! Can we ask you something?" Alice called to Aari in the kitchen

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