One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


5. Zayn imagine for Lani


Scattered on the table in front of you was every colour of paper imaginable. Scissors littered about, some curved and shaped to create fancy and unique cuts. Glue was everywhere, along with stickers and various paper cutouts. Zayn hummed along to Michael Bublé serenading his long lost love over the stereo. You smirked as Zayn attempted to glue a small Santa hat to his latest card, but resulted in white goo smeared on his hand and, somehow, cheek.

He glanced up, catching you smiling at his state. “What?!” he growled playfully. You just responded by sticking your tongue out, and resumed writing in your finished card that you had decided would go to your oldest cousin.

“Why are we doing this again?” he muttered, trying to glue another decoration to the interior of his card.

“Because if the cards are homemade with love and care, I don’t have to buy half my relatives gifts.” you explained for the third time that day. Zayn grumbled again as he wiped off more glue that he managed to spill on his fingers. “Oh c’mon, it’s fun! You just need to use less liquid glue and more stickers.” Zayn shot a glare, but you silently laughed as he reached for a sheet of stickers, moving the glue as far away as possible.

Zayn resumed humming to Bublé’s rendition of “White Christmas”. You started a new card, mentally noting it would be to your favorite Aunt from your mothers side. Creating the card with swirls and polka dot strips of paper, your mind drifted to the scene around you. Zayn scribbling something in the finished card. Soft humming. Paper in every colour and shape waiting to be attached to the next creation. Cold snow falling outside, through the window behind Zayn’s spiked hair. You sighed contently, not wanting the moment to ever end, but soaking it up just in case.


Sorry!! Its very short!! But hope you liked it. <3

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