One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


3. Niall imagine for Val


It was your 19th birthday and your parents had finally given you permission to move out. Well, you kind of had to, because you were going to the University in London to study law and business. You had found a cute little apartment right in the middle of London.

You packed the last stuff into a box and took it out to the car. Your older brother had promised to help you, but he couldn’t make it, so you had to do it all of yourself. 
You drove over to the apartment and unlocked it. You inhaled the sweet scent of your new fresh and cleaned home. You walked back to the car and started to put the boxes on the ground and carried two of them wobbly towards the apartment. Since it was January the ice and snow hadn’t disappeared yet, so you slipped on the icy ground and hit your head pretty hard. If that wasn’t enough, the two boxes you tried to get in fell right on your stomach and you lost your breath for a couple of seconds. When you got your breath back you sat up and made sure nobody saw you.

“Oh my god. Are you okay?” You hear a strong accent say as he helped you up. 
“Yeah. Probably just a scratch or two. I’m fine” you say and turn around. You meet the most beautiful pair of blue eyes you’ve ever seen. 
“Well, you’re clearly not fine. Your head is bleeding!” He said in his quite different accent. You gave it a thought and you realized that it wasn’t British, it was Irish. 
“You aren’t from here, are you?” You said curiously. 
“No, I’m from Mullingar in Ireland. Why?” He asked confused.
“It’s just that your accent is so different” you slurred out, feeling a bit dizzy.
“Are you sure you are okay? You’re not quite stable babe. Let me help you to a hospital so they can take a look at your head” he said and helped you into your car. You handed him your car keys and he started the engine. The ride was mostly quiet, when you didn’t groan about the pain in your head.

When you arrived to the hospital he said his name into the check in and you got help immediately. You got quite chocked, since you always had to wait fairly long time when you came here alone. 
When the doctor arrived they ran tests, took blood samples and gave you an X-ray just in case. While the doctor checked the results you and the boy had some time to talk.

“I still don’t know your name” you said.
“Niall. Niall Horan. What about you?” he said.
“I’m Val” you answered. 
“Nice to meet you Val” he said and gave you a gorgeous smile.
“Well, this wasn’t in my plan” you said and looked around the room and sighed.
“Where did you move from” Niall asked and sat his chair closer to your bed.
“I lived on the countryside on the outside of London until now” you explained.
“Why did you move?!” he said chocked.
“I’m going to uni to study law and business after summer” you said.
“Oh okay” he said and an awkward silence broke out. Suddenly the doctor came through the door and turned her gaze to you. 
“I can happily inform you that you have no injuries besides a smaller concussion. You’re able to go home whenever you want to” she said and left the room.
“I’ll drive you home and help you with the boxes, okay?” Niall said and helped you out of the bed.
“I couldn’t thank you enough Niall” you said and gave him a hug.
“No problem. It’s my pleasure, believe me” he said and gave you wink.

Hope you liked it!! :D

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