One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


2. Niall imagine for Aisha

You had a really boring day so you decide to go and do something and you decide to go to Starbucks. When you get there you see a boy with blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes you could ever see and you relize he looks really familliar. You see him start to turn and walk and sit down and you relize that it’s Niall Horan form One Direction! You decide to go over to him and ask for his autograph because you a huge fan. ” Hi” you say looking into his blie eyes ” Hello he says what is a beautiful woman like you doing here all alone?” he asked ” Oh you know just getting some coffee umm I was wondering if I could have your autgraph?” ” Oh sure do you happen to have a pen and something I can sign?” he asked. you went over to the counter and got a pen and since you were wearing a plain white t-shirt you decided to let him sign that ” Thanks so much” you say ” No problem would you like to sit and talk for a little bit?” he ask ” Sure!” you say. You guys sit there for 2 hours talk and you swap numbers and you leave later on when you get home you text Niall say ” Hey” he responds back with a simple ” what’s up?” ” nothing really what about you?” you say ” Nothing whens the next time you can hang out?” he askes ” Any night I’m free” you say ” Oh well do you wanna meet up now?” he askes ” Yea sure where do you wanna meet?” you say “Well I can come pick you up and we can go to a movie” he says “ok my adress in 54 hermit road” you say ” Ok be there soon” he says. When you get off the phone you go and get ready and put on some jeans and the cutest shirt you can find. When Niall get to your house you go out to his car and you drive away as you are driving you ask “What movie are we gonna see?” “21 Jumpstreet” he says ” Oh that’s cool” you say smiling. When you get there you guys get some snack and drinks and go in. The movie was super funny and it got even better when Niall started holding you hand. When the movie was ove Niall drove you home and walked you up to the steps when you got up there Niall stopped and rashed his lips onto yours and thats when you felt sparks. After he kissed you he left and that was the beginning of an awesome realationship. 

Hope you liked it!! :D

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