One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


13. Louis imagine for Mica

You woke up at midnight. You were having that bad dream again, the one where your ex- boyfriend tried to take you back by getting rid of your crush, Louis Tomlinson. You grab your phone and dial Louis. The sound of his voice makes you feel safe. You hear the ringing. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. you shut your eyes tight as you thik to yourself, "Will he pick up? Has my nightmare become reality?" When Louis answers in a groggy, sleepily tone, you open your eyes widely as if finishing holding your breath.

"Mica? Its so early. What's up?" He asks you. You haven't told him about your dream, you think he will reject you in a second. Or just reject you. After all, you have been friends for a while now.

"I'm just a bit... imaginative."  you reply. Or should you have said you were a "Dreamer?" 

"Well, if your OK, then everything is just fine with me, too." He says sounding like he the nicest boy in the world, which is yet ANOTHER reason you are madly in love with him. You can almost see him smiling and sitting up in his bed because he knows your calls are always long and also, his highlight.

"So guess what?" Louis says.  "What?" you ask Louis.  "I met this girl, Allison, at the Black Cat Night Club, and I got her number and we went out, and so now she's my girlfriend." You shudder at that word, knowing he doesn't feel the same way. "Isn't that great?!" You sit up in your bed and shut your eyes. You can feel heavy tears dripping down your cheeks. you don't respond, trying told hold in your emotions.

"Mica? Hello? Mica?!" Louis says on the phone.

"Yeah. That's great, sorry I was um.... shifting my phone to the other ear." You reply wiping your eyes. You tell Louis that you need to sleep and he says he needs to because he has a date with "Allison." You now think of her as your enemy, knowing she has taken Louis away from you. Your up all night tossing, and turning, thinking about Louis.

Early the next morning, you Leave your dorm to your first class. You are at a 5 star, preforming arts collage with Louis. All you can think about is him. You go to the cafe' and see Louis motioning for you to come his way. You lock eyes with him and swiftly pass by all the students. When you reach Louis, he already has made you coffee.

"It's your favorite," he says. All you can think is, 'He knows me so well. Why does he pick her over me? Were so alike.'

"Thanks, Lou." you reply. The bell for first class rings and you both head to vocals.

"OK, class! Today we are actually joining up with the acting class to write a one of a kind play!" Says Mr. Sersine joyfully. "Please pair up, and Mrs. Hadley's class will be in soon." Louis and you were always each others first picks.

"Oh, Mica. Did I mention that Allison goes here, too?" Louis asks you.  "No," you reply getting fed up with all this Allison crap.  "Let  me guess, she's in the acting class, too." you say.  "Actually, YES." He reply's acting surprised. You jump up and spill your coffee as Louis says that horrible word, YES. You let out a gasp as the hot coffee burns your side.

"Mica, I'm so sorry!" Louis says as he helps you clean it up.  "Mr. Tomlinson," says Mr. Sersine. He motions Louis to stay away. 

"As for you, Ms. Mica. You are dismissed."  As you walk away you can see tears in Louis' eyes.

When you reach your dorm, you collapse on your bed and dose off. You don't even worry about changing.  When you wake up, its almost 7:00. You change into a blue dress with white heels. you grab your white British flag clutch and put on mascara and lip gloss and curl your hair into bouncy curls. Friday night is party night. You place your phone in your purse and grab a couple bucks and head out to the Black Cat Night Club. You text Louis to meet you outside.

When Louis comes out, you both head over in the red convertible Louis got. 

As you walk in, you can hear people screaming a whistling at you. You meet eyes with a girl, she is staring at you and Louis. She looks jealous. She has blonde hair, and is wearing a purple dress, and black pumps. She has black nail polish on and has purple eyeliner and big eyelashes. You admit, she is quite beautiful. You tap Louis and show him the girl. As soon as he see her, he smiles.

"That's Allison," He says. You both walk over to her. You figure he won't be getting out of a relationship with her anytime soon, so you would have to make the best of it.

"Allison! This is Mica, my best friend." says Louis.

"Oh! Good babe. I thought you were cheating on me!" Allison says. She starts laughing.

"Ha ha ha. so funny..." you mutter. You and Louis order beer and Allison orders a Martini. Louis and Allison talk for so long, and you sit there awkwardly, like a statue. Every time Louis tries to look at you, Allison turns his head around and looks at you through the corner of her eye. She kisses him a few times, so to relive your pain, you head to the dance floor.

A drunk guy sees you as you see him and walks over saying something about how pretty you are. But in curses. You try to walk away, but he grabs the bottom of your dress. before he can do anymore, you get closer to him and grab your dress back. He grabs your shoulder and asks you to come to his house. As you struggle, he lifts you to his arms and carries you towards the door. You kick and scream for Louis, but you also know that Allison is keeping him away. When you manage to lift your head and move away a bit, you see Louis lost in a deep kiss. You scream as loud as you can and he sees the tears in your eyes.

He rushes over through the crowd, and grabs your waist and pulls you off, causing him to fall back with you on top. When the drunk guy sees Louis, he starts cursing at him. When the guy is about to attack, security grabs the man and throws him out. 

You are still on top of Louis, when Allison comes over and helps Louis  up. When you get back to the table, Louis apologizes and you move you chair closer to his. Allison shoots you a dirty look.

"I'm going to ask for a new drink," Allison says. She "trips" and splashes her Martini on your dress. It also gets on your face. You stand up and wipe your eyes off and start to cry. You look at Louis and head for the door. Louis stands up.

"If you can't have my best friend, you cant have me." Louis says to Allison.  Louis runs out of the Night Club to you. He sees you on the side walk walking home.

"Wait! Mica!" He yells to you as he grabs your hand and turns you around.

"What?! Happy with your girlfriend?" You say, obviously mad.

"No, No, listen. I'm really sorry about Allison. She is not what I thought she was." he says. you put your head down and rip your hand away. Louis lifts up your head and sings part of his band One Direction's song, "Last First Kiss" and leans forward to you.

"Baby I, I wanna know, what you think when your alone, is it me yeah, are you thinkin of me yeah, oh oh, Girl what would you do, would you wanna stay, if I were to say! I wanna be last yeah, baby let me be your last first kiss, i wanna be first yeah. wanna be the first to take it all the way like this, and if yoooou only kneeeew,  I wnna be last yeeah wanna be your last first kiss." He sings to you. your frown now is in a huge smile.

"I would stay," you reply to Louis.  He smiles as you lean in and kiss.

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