One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


6. Louis imagine for Famke

 pushed open the apartment door, struggling with the grocery bags. 

“Lou?” I called out to no response. Dumped the bags on the kitchen bench and found a photo of me and Louis on my last birthday, dancing with his lips pressed to my forehead. I turned it over to see Lou’s handwriting.
Come to 108 Marigold Street at three. Wear old clothes.
Happy birthday
Boo Bear xx
I looked at the time. It was two thirty and the address was no where near our apartment. I walked into the bedroom and into our walk in wardrobe.
“Old clothes? I have no old clothes,” I muttered to myself.
I settled on a ratty pair of Louis’ sweatpants that I’ve always hated and a hoodie, not caring about any photos that could be taken of me by the paparazzi. I slid my loose curls up into a pony tail. I noted down the address in my phone and grabbed my keys and wallet and headed downstairs to hail a taxi. 
When we pulled up I was sure that it wasn’t the right address. The building in front of me was a three storey warehouse, the only thing distinguishing it from wasteland was the iron sign next to the front door: “Coopers Spaces.” I pushed open the door and there was Louis, beaming. 
“Hey Famke, happy birthday.” He met my lips with his and smiled, “you ready for your big surprise?”
“Louis what are we doing here?” 
“Close your eyes and you’ll see.” He slipped his hands over my eyes and led me into an elevator that moved us up a floor. 
“Take a few steps forward,” he whispered in my ear and I felt chills down my spine. “Now open.” The sight before me was strange at first, but then I realised what was happening. Large canvases were set up all around the room, covered in water balloons.
“You didn’t,” I turned around and he shrugged bashfully. “How did you know I’ve always wanted to do this?” I laughed.
“Remember once I lost a bet so I had to watch ‘The Princess Diaries’ with you? Well you said it then.” 
“Oh my god you’re amazing.” 
“I know,” he laughed and brought his lips down to mine. 
We had a competition of our hit streaks, the bright paint spilling from the balloons when our darts got them. Louis was winning for a bit with 22 balloons but then missed by millimetres. I ended up on twenty eight. When we had finished I came across a bucket of the spare paint balloons. I took two in my hands snuck up behind Louis burst them into his hair.
“What the- you’re going to pay for that,” he laughed then swiped two from the bucket and sent them in my direction. The paint war was on, hiding behind the canvases and ducking around each other. There was one balloon in the bucket between us. At the same moment we both made a run for it. A metre away Louis tripped and fell to the ground so I grabbed the balloon and straddled Louis’ hips. 
“You aren’t really going to do that are you? I’m so helpless here,” he pulled puppy dogs eyes but I just shook my head. 
“Hey it’s my birthday.” I said and threw it down, the blue paint splashing out across his chest. He rolled me over onto my back and pressed kisses all over my face. 
“So how was your afternoon Famke?”
“Best birthday ever.”

:D Let me know if you liked it!!

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