One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


4. Harry imagine for Sara


You were good friends with Ed Sheeran. You had a huge crush on Harry. Ed had invited you to a huge party and the boys of One Direction were going to be there. You picked out your nicest outfit and drove to the party. When you walked in, you texted Ed asking where he was. He found you before you got a message back. 

“Hey you!” You said, happy to see someone you knew.

“Hey, the boys are out back, good luck trying to get to talk to Harry though. He is surrounded.” He replied. 

“Oh, okay. This is going to be awkward for me… I don’t know anyone!” You said, frustrated.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.” Ed said. You walked around to see if you knew anyone. You weren’t surprised when you couldn’t find anyone even vaguely familiar. You walked out back. You were just curious… You wanted to see how busy he was. He had a mob of girls around him, all very beautiful. They were all wearing very provocative dresses. He had a big grin stuck on his face. That made you jealous, though there was nothing you could do about it. You sat down on one of the chairs out there and Ed sat next to you.

“You know, I could have helped you with this a long time ago.” He said. He always offered to hook you up with Harry, but you wanted to do it yourself. You wanted him to see you first and make a move. You didn’t want to be pushy or scare him off.

“You know how I feel about that.” You replied. You just stared at Harry. He didn’t even notice, but then again, you wouldn’t have noticed if you had a bunch of hot guys surrounding you. You were running through ideas to try and get his attention.  You looked at the pool to distract yourself. It was full of people. You hated water. You couldn’t swim and never went in water. 

“Hey, I’m going to get something to drink and eat.” You started walking away.

“Kay, see you in a sec.” Ed called out. You grabbed some soda and a couple of finger foods then walked back outside. You sat down when Harry walked passed your chair. You wanted to get his attention so bad that you almost decided to trip him. All you could do was stare at his beauty. His dimples…. they killed you whenever you saw them. You heard Ed chuckling. Harry turned at the sound of Ed’s voice. Your heart started pumping a million miles an hour. You felt your face get hot and you got nervous. 

“Hey Ed! how’s it going?” Harry asked Ed. Ed glanced at you, probably to help Harry notice you. He didn’t even look. Oh well. You had a couple hours still, right?

“Good, how about you?” Ed said. They talked for a minute. Ed finally brought you into the conversation, but you weren’t paying attention. You were lost in thought about what you could say that would be funny or leave an impression. When you finally snapped out, you saw Harry’s hand waiting to shake yours. You just looked at him like an idiot. You quickly pulled your hand out and shook his. 

“Uh.. I’m Sara.” You managed.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Harry.”He said. In your head you though yeah I know. Harry Edward Styles. You wanted to tell him you were a fan, but decided to keep your mouth shut. 

“You too.” You said, trying to put on your best smile. He stared at you for a minute then you saw a girl poke his shoulder. He turned, and she whispered in his ear and then he left.

“Thanks, but I didn’t need the help…” You said. Ed just laughed it off.

“I think he’s got a thing for you.” He finally said. 

“I think not. How long was his hand out before I finally noticed?” You asked.

“Not long, don’t worry! I’m sure he didn’t even think twice about it!” He said. You did worry about it. Ed left to get a drink. You heard a big commotion then saw a group of drunk guys walking out of the house. The one in front locked eyes with you and walked over.

“Hey, you wanna go swimming?” He said, falling over. 

“No.” You said bluntly, hoping he would go away. He grabbed your hand and pulled you up. He had a good grip for how strong he was. 

“Get off me!” You half-yelled.

“Sorry babe, but your too good looking to pass up.” He said, slurring his sentence. You were still trying to get out of his grip. You started to scream, but the music was too loud and no one heard you. He dragged you to the pool and you fought with everything to get away. Why did he have such a good grip?! You were to the edge of the pool. You were freaking out. 

“Stop! Please! Don’t!” You were screaming. Next thing you know, you feel yourself falling. You crashed into the water. You shut your eyes tight and frantically tried to reach the surface. Nothing was working, and you were beginning to run out of breath. All of the sudden you felt something grab you and you screamed letting all of your air out. The drunk guy had you, you were sure of it. You kicked and screamed. You felt your head emerge out of the water and gasped for air. You opened your eyes and you were being pulled out of the pool. Once you were on solid ground, you sat up choking up water. You looked to see if it was the drunk guy that had pulled you out. You looked up to see a very wet Harry Styles. Man, he looked sooo hot when he was wet. All you did was stare into his eyes. He bent down.

“Are you okay Sara?!” He asked, frantic. You were surprised he remembered your name.

“Yeah” You said, still breathing heavily. 

“Come inside.” He said. He helped you up and brought you upstairs. He pulled out his phone and mumbled something I couldn’t understand. You walked into a room and Harry went straight for the closet. 

“Here, I’ll get you something dry to wear.” He opened the closet.

“No, I can’t just wear someone’s clothes without even asking, that’s rude…”You said.

“I just talked to him, and he is fine with it.” He pulled out a T-shirt and sweatpants. 

“I’m afraid this is the best I can do…” He said, faking a horrible smile. It made you giggle. 

“It’s better than this” you said, taking the clothes. 

“I’ll umm… Just… wait outside. Okay?” He said. Now he was looking like the awkward one. Once he shut the door, you quickly changed. You walked outside of the room, wet clothes in hand. He took your clothes and put them in a plastic bag he found. 

“Thanks…” You mumbled.

“Anytime.” He said. You were leaning against the wall when he cornered you on the wall.

“You are so beautiful.” He said. He leaned in for a kiss. You gladly accepted it. You kissed him back. 

“Thank you.” He said, his voice very low.

“For what? You are the one that saved my life.” You said. 

“Thank you for that kiss. You are a great kisser.” He said, a smile creeping onto his face. He leaned in for another kiss. 

“Out of all of those girls you had around you, you kiss me. You tell me I’m beautiful.” you said.

“All of those other girls don’t care about me, they just want me because I’m Harry. I knew when I first looked into your eyes that I needed you, Sara.” He said. He needed you… HE NEEDED YOU!!!! You started fangirling but quickly stopped. You smiled the biggest smile you ever have.

“I like your smile.” He started humming, then singing out loud. “Kissed me once now I can’t leave cuz everything you do is magic.” You heard someone walk down the hall and looked over at Ed who had a huge grin on his face. You giggled. The rest of then night you spent with Harry upstairs laughing.


Hope you liked it!! ;)

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