One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


11. Harry imagine for Kat BEWARE DIRTY!!



I was walking to school and I kept hearing laughter behind me as I walked. I always walked through the woods as a shortcut and I rarely saw anyone walk through there. I turned to see who it was, It was Harry, the hottest most popular guy in school. He was with this girl walking she was all over him and he didn�t look too interested. She kept using a fake laugh and forced him to hug her. I looked at him and he was looking at me and gave a face like he wasn�t enjoying this and needed someone to come and save him. I gave him a half smile and turned back around making sure i didn�t fall into the hole that was around that area. I jumped over the hole and hearing them get closer. I�ve never talked to him before, him being Mr.Popular and me being a loner, everybody liked him just because he was hot and he came from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. I have to admit I still remembered that after he moved here about two years ago and he had to do a project with you that lasted 20 minutes and i barely talked, listening to him talk and watch his dimples move with his words and his smile.

�ah, shit!� I turned around to see the girl that has been all over him fell in the hole. Harry keeps walking and you turn to help her because he obviously he won�t. He grabs my arm and pulls me with him towards the school �leave her� he whispered into my ear. �But.. Shes.. You�ve got to help her� he kept pulling me along and we finally reached school grounds. He let me go and slipped something into my back pocket. I got to my first class and looked at the slip of paper he slipped into your pocket. �meet me behind bleachers on the football field @ 1:50�. I couldn�t stop thinking about what he was going to do. Then I realized that I had to skip the last ten minutes of Economics. I was trying to think of how I was going to skip. I finally got an idea as the last hour of school came. Thirty minutes , twenty , fifteen. I raised my hand and asked to be excused to the restroom. I grab my purse and head towards the field. I peered my head around the bleachers and saw him. He was facing the opposite direction with his hands in his pockets. I moved closer to him stepping through the metal bars so I won�t trip. As I got closer to him my heart started to beat faster. �What am I doing here? I should turn back� I kept thinking negative. But I needed this. To leave, to break my shell, to not be the boring person who only cares about school.

I got a few feet away from him and cleared my throat, getting his attention. He turned around quickly throwing a fist up. Luckily I was standing a far enough distance away, or I would have been hit. �Sorry, I didn�t think you�d come!� he said wrapping his arms around me awkwardly. I patted his back a couple of times and he pulls away quickly ,�sorry� I�m a huger� showing off those dimples I adored so much. Just the look he gave me made me melt, well it felt like I melted. �Ohhh.. NOOO � It�s fine.. hugging� I said back even more awkward than the hug. �well, since you did come, What do you want to do?� he said smiling. �Wait� You asked me to meet you here and you didn�t have anything planned?� I tried saying back as flirty as I could. He looked at me with soft eyes, his eyes are so beautiful. I honestly don�t care what we do, I just want to sit and stare into his eyes all day. �Wellll, I had something planned� But , now I�m not too sure..� he said trailing off. �What? I think I can handle whatever it is.� I smiled at him but quickly shutting my mouth to hide my braces. He grabs my hand and leads me through the bars again and he leads me to his car. He opens the door for me and I sit down feeling more nervous every moment. What was he going to do with me? He gets in and starts the car and turns to smile at me. �So KAT ?� i look at him and he continues �this your first time skipping class?� �well its not technically skipping class, I was there most of the time.. but yes, it is�. I smiled tilting my head down trying to hide the blush that had gotten a little deeper when I feel his hand on my thigh. I look up at him with a blank expression on my face. He moves his hand up my thigh squeezing it. I didn�t know what to do, I only thought of him touching me. Never really thought of how I would react to him it. All I know is it felt good, him touching me with his big strong I shifted in my seat and he looked at me and smiled. He pulled the car over into a long gravel road, we were driving for a while and finally pulled over to an empty field. Nothing but long weeds and this car and us.

�KAT, I like you.� he said turning towards me I look at him up and down, noticing a lump in his jeans. I look up quick trying to hide the fact I was just looking at his crotch. He smiled and licked his lips. �umm.. I..I,uh..� I tried to say something but no honest words would come out. I was afraid if I spoke something wrong would come out. And I would get embarassed. I just want to jump across the car and grind myself on him. I want to feel his soft, plump, lips on mine. I want to taste his sweet tounge. I want him to touch me even more than he already did, I wanted him to put his hands on me and never take them off of me. I wanted him to fuck me. Not make love, Just straight-out Fuck.Me.. I can feel myself get damp and cross my legs so he won�t notice. He smiles at me and his eyes are suddenly three times darker than there original light shade of green. His eyes stared into mine and he bites his bottom lip and licks across it. Oh, how I wished those lips where mine, all mine. He moves his hand up to my face and pulls me in close, were so close. My forehead against his and our noses touching. I�m so close to kissing Harry Styles, why am I still doing nothing? MOVE KAT !!! I scream at myself in my head. He hasn�t done anything yet, which made me get more upset. I couldn�t take it anymore. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pushed his face towards mine. Kissing him rough he smiles into he kiss and puts his hand on my waist and pulls me closer to him. I slung my leg across his lap straddling him. He kicks his leg so he isn�t sitting on it anymore. He puts both hands on the small of my back and pull me closer to him. My hands on his face pulling him closer to me. I want him so bad, I can�t control myself anymore I tug at his bottom lip wanting to add tounge. He opened his mouth for me to attack with my tounge. He keeps fighting for the dominance but I�m not going to let him win. I want him to know I was in charge, that I was taking control. I started to grind myself on his lap moaning into his mouth as his dick pressed against me so perfectly. �God I want you so bad� he let out separating his lips from mine and kissing at my neck. I stop grinding on him and sit still as he nibbles at my neck. �Mhhhhhm� I couldn�t control my moans anymore, I couldn�t control myself anymore.

I moved my hands to his waist and start to remove his shirt. He breaks contact with my neck so he can take it off all the way. He starts to remove my shirt and bra. He stares at my boobs in amazement. I�m not ashamed of my body, I don�t care what people think, I had good sized boobs and butt and I was proud. He licks at my right nipple and starts to nibble on it �AUGHHHH. HARRYYY�� I screamed out. His hands slid down my butt and to my thighs to my kneecaps. He reached to the side of the chair and pushed us as far back as we could go and he leaned us back so he was laying down. I moved my hands to his waistline again to remove his jeans and his Calvin Kleins. I start to slide them down and get them to about past his knees. I unzip my jeans and start to slide them down and climbed off of him so I could pull them all the way off. I jumped back onto him and positioned myself on top of him and slowly sit in him. He�s so big I can�t help but let out a moan. I sit all the way on him and just sit there waiting for me to get adjusted a little but he starts to thrust upwards. �God, you�re so tight, Fuck� he lets out and I start to circle my hips getting a groan out of him. God, he was so hot. I started to bounce on him but almost hit my head on the roof of the car because he was so big. I put my hands on the top and started to bounce again to help just in case I hit my head. He grabs my hips really hard making me scream in both pleasure and pain. �I�m close babe..� He moaned tilting his head back and bucking his into mine sending me closer. I arch my back even more, and my toes so curled i have a cramp in my left foot. � OOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOD , HARRY!�. He shot his load into me as I let myself go on him.

He lifts the seat back up so he sits up straight. He kisses my lips making me want to take him again. I broke the kiss and pulled away from his penis. Seeing it fall, limp against his thigh. I kissed his nose and sat back in the passenger seat and put my clothes on. �Why did you never talk to me?� he asked me as I slipped my shirt on. �I.. I don�t know� I guess I was too afraid..�.�Obviously not!� he chuckled and buttoned up his jeans. �What is that supposed to mean?� I asked turning in my seat. �You were all over me!� �You were all over me!� I said back giggling � No, What I mean is. You took control, you did most of the work.. I like that.. Sometimes..� I raised one eyebrow �sometimes?�. �Yeah I like taking full control when it comes to these kind of things I like to be in control. To make you cry my name underneath me.� i smiled �well so do I�. He started the car and drove back to the rode �Then I guess we will have to take turns� he said and winked.

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