One Direction Imagines

Guys, tell me if you want an imagine with any of the boys. Just tell me wich boy and I´ll try to do them as soon as possible!!


7. All the boys imagine for Kenzie

Kenzie was playing X-Box with Zayn and Harry.Niall was eating,Liam was covering his eyes from the violence and Louis was screaming about Super-Man.Kenzie was loosing,because Zayn and Harry were s

"Okay,let's get a break,"said Zayn pausing the game.

"Okay,"Kenzie and Harry said in unision.

Harry looked at Kenzie and winked.Kenzie blushed,and looked down.

"Hey,Kenzie,"Harry whispered.

"Yes,Harry?"Kenzie asked.

"I'll let you win with a condition."

Kenzie got her eyes wide,Harry was about to tell her something when the boys came again.

Hope you liked it!! A friend helped me with it.

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