One Direction Imagines

Hey guys, this is a movella just about imagines! You can comment the boy you want,your name, age,description,traits,and I will write you imagine as soon as I can.

* Please try to add many details about your imagine if you want something specific.:)


1. Imagine for Sofi (me)


 Imagine for Sofi

   I could here the music pounding in my ears. It was Lady Gaga's paparazzi, it was one of the most important recitals of my life. It was my audition to Julliard I ended my performance with a Ballon (ballet term),and a graceful bow. I walked of stage nervous as heck. But the thought of Niall made me feel warm inside.I walked outside the theater, feeling happy, seeing Niall in the car infront of me just filled me with joy. Hey Ni, Hey Sof . I bet you did amazing out there Sofi, like you always do,i've seen you dance up there,and your amazing, he said. Thanks Ni, I love you, I said while pecking him on the lips. I love you too Sofi. I have a suprise, Niall said in a whisper. I'm gonna drop you off at home, and I'll pick you up  in an hour. Ok, I said in suprise. Once I was home, I took a shower,and quickly combed my hair. The curls were already starting to form. I left the bathroom, and ran to my room. I got changed in to a strapless light pink dress,with a sweetheart neckline,it was shorter in the front,and longer in the back. It had a little heart covered in little diamonds right below the neckline. The dress was beautiful, and the details were hard to explain in words. Then I slipped on baby pink five inch heels. I looked into my mirror happy with my reflection, Niall had made me believe I was beautiful, and for the first time I could see it. I went back to the bathroom  to get started on my makeup, I put on a bit a bit of shimmery eyeshadow, lipgloss, and that was it. Niall didn't like makeup,so I never wore it if it wasn't for a recital. My hair was already curly so I just put on a light pink flower clip with a diamond in the middle. I was happy with my reflection, my blue eyes were fillied with joy. I heard the door bell ring, I quickly ran to the door. When I opened it I saw Niall, he was wearing a suit, his ocean blue eyes sparkling. You look beautiful Sofi Niall said. You look very handsome Niall,I said. Ready to go, I replied with a simple yes. Ok, so it is a suprise so you have to wear a blindfold. Ok, Ni I said. He led me to the car; After the car ride Niall helped me out and led me somewhere. Open, he said. I took off the blindfold, and was amazed at what I saw. It was a beautiful picnic, there was candles,a picnic basket,and Niall's guitar placed neatly on its stand. Ni, this is amazing. Ssshhh, he said leading me over to the lake; He grabbed his guitar,and played moments. After that we ate spaghetti, lady and the tramp style; When we were done eating we laid down on the blanket,and stared up at the stars. I love you Niall I said. I love you,Sofi he said; With that we fell asleep to eachothers heart beats.

A/N: Hey guys so what do you think? That was an example imagine about me, so if you want one just comment below. As you can see I like to make them long,and descriptive. If you want it even more descriptive,or if you want it longer just ask in your comment,and it will happen. Happy imagining!! :)

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