One Direction Imagines

Hey guys, this is a movella just about imagines! You can comment the boy you want,your name, age,description,traits,and I will write you imagine as soon as I can.

* Please try to add many details about your imagine if you want something specific.:)


3. Imagine for Katie:)

Imagine for Katie:)

I walked on stage,nervous as hell. This was my moment,my time to shine. I hear the audience's applause pound in my ears. This was my x-factor audition,the audition that could decide my career. What's your name? Simon asked. Katie I said sounding confident. Okay off you go then, with that the song started. I was singing Grenade by Bruno Mars. I belted out the high notes,and when I was done I could feel the spotlight right on me. That was amazing said LA clearly impressed by my voice. Thank You so much I said a simle on my face. You have real talent said Brittney. You are so talented, you have an amazing voice, Demi said. When it got to Simon I was extremely nervous,what would he think? Katie, you have an amazing voice one of the best voices I have heard in a long time. I smiled my eyes on the verge of crying tears of happiness. Now it's time to vote,LA said yes,Demi said yes,Brittney said yes,and Simon said yes. I was going to bootcamp! I ran off stage to hug my mom,and dad. My dream for so long was finally becoming true. I walked over to the make up station to grab my things,when I turned around I saw a tall teenage boy,with brown curly hair,geen eyes,and the most adorable dimples. Hi he said, I repeated the greeting. My name is Harry, Harry Styles he said. I'm Katie, pleasure meeting you I said. The pleasure is all mine Harry said very cheekily while kissing my hand. I walked off until I heard Harry calling my name. Katie! Katie! he yelled. Yes Harry, I said wondering what he needed. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? he asked. I wondered, we had just met but his green eyes,and adorable smile were hard to resist. I figured why not, yes Harry I will have dinner wih you I said. Great, I will pick you up at six o'clock he said in his adorable british accent. I wrote down my address,and number on a piece of paper he had given me. The car ride home was great,when I got home I ran up to my room. It was already four,and I hadn't even showered. I went into my restroom,and freshened up. When I was done I went to my closet,I was wondering what I was going to where when something caught my eye, I went to the very back,and found the most beautiful abercrombie dress I had ever seen. I was never really big on abercrombie clothes but this dress was different. It was strapless,with a sweetheart neckline, it was navy blue with white polka dots,and to top it off a hot pink ribbon. It was perfect this date,you see  Harry had texted me to dress casually. Then I went back to my closet,and pulled out some Hollister flip flops that had a flower hot pink flower in the middle. I put my outfit on,and was happy with my reflection.Then I went to the restroom to do my makeup. My hair was already curly,so I decied to just put a small navy blue flower in it. Once I was done with my hair I applied some mascara, and lipgloss.That was basically it, people always told me I didn't need makeup so I took their advice,and only wore it when I had to. There I said, I looked at my phone,and realized it was six already. Then I heard the doorbell ring, I ran to open it. It was Harry he was wearing a plain white shirt, jeans,and white converse. Wow, you look breathtaking Katie he said. Thank You I said with a smile on my face. Ready to go? he asked You know it, then we were off, he said he had a suprise for me. When we got out I realized we were at the pier,my favorite place in the whole world. He smiled,and took my hand. He led me over to the ferris wheel, i'm scared of heights but i'll get on one for you he said. When we got on I could feel him shaking, I held his hand,and put my head on his shoulder. We talked for what felt like forever, I enjoyed it. We went to the beach afterwards he told me wait there. After he came back with two tacos,and a milkshake with two straws. I love tacos so I thought I would get us some he said. I love tacos too! I said, after we ate out tacos we shared the milkshake. We looked into each others eyes,and smiled. He grabbed my hand,and pulled me up, where are we going,Harry? You'll see, he led me to the sandiest part of the beach, he grabbed a stick,and wrote:



Yes! I said, even though we had just met I felt like he was the one, I felt that he cared about me,and loved me for who I was. Katie, Harry said. Yes Harry, I answered. I feel like I have known you forever,your beautiful,funny adorable,smart, and I love everything about you he said. Harry, I feel the same way I love everything about you, I love your amazing green eyes, adorable dimples,and cute curly brown hair I said. I had never felt this way before, Harry was definitely the one. We went back to the pier, we went on all of the rollercoasters, and Harry won me a bear. We were walking hand,and hand . We sat down on a bench,while we fed each other cotton candy,and laughed at funny things we saw. By the time the sun was already coming down we were at the beach again. Katie, I'm coming to get you! I ran down the beach laughing, he had caught up to me, grabbed my waist from behind picking me up from the ground, and spinning me around. AAHHH! i screamed inbetween laughter, I pushed him in the water,then he pushed me in. When we were done, we wrapped ourselves in blankets,and laid down. Our toes in the sand, and our hands interwined. Katie Harry said, yes Harry I replied. I love you, I love you to Harry. With that we watched the sunset,and fell asleep in eachothers arms.


             A/N: So Katie what did you think? :)

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