One Direction Imagines

Hey guys, this is a movella just about imagines! You can comment the boy you want,your name, age,description,traits,and I will write you imagine as soon as I can.

* Please try to add many details about your imagine if you want something specific.:)


2. Imagine for Heidi :)

 Imagine for Heidi :)

I could feel the pressure on me. The one of the most important gymnastics competitions of my life, and I couldn't blow it. Not just for me,but for my team. It was my turn on the bars, I adjusted my grips quickly before they called my name. Gymnast number 112 , Heidi please report to the bars,the annoucers voice said thru loud speakers. I was up, I started; I was using the routine my coach had taught me. It involved mixed grips, I then jumped on to the pipe. I was in full extension, I landed perfectly on the ground arms up,and smiling. Once I was done I walked of to my area,and slipped on my track suit. They were starting to call, they were at the top three already. Third pace went to a gymnast named Mia, second to a gymnast name Haley,and now the moment of truth. In first place, gymnast number 112, Heidi! I walked over to the center to claim my medal, I stood there on the podium smiling as big as I could ever imagine; I walked out of the building, I could not believe that I got first place. As i was walking home I tripped, quickly falling to the ground until I fely a pair of strong arms catch me from behind. Are you alright love a unfamiliar british accent spoke. He turned me around reveling his beautiful green eyes, lost in his trance I replied with a simple" Yeah, im fine." My name's Harry he said, I was about to respond when he said, Heidi, i know. How do you know my name I said my voice full of curiosity. I was at your competition, you were really good. Thank you i said. I know this is really forward Heidi but will you have dinner with me tonight, we are in Paris after all, he said very cheekily.  After all, he was right we were in Paris. I hesitated for a moment before i said Yes, Harry I will have dinner with you tonight.Great I will pick you up at your place at eight. Before he left I scribbled my hotel,and my number on the piece of paper I had in my bag. I took a taxi to my hotel, which was the Paris Marriot Rive Gauche hotel. I entered my room, revealing my roomate Mica changing. Hey Mic I said. Hey Heidi she replied. Guess what Mic! Tell me! she replied clearly excited. I got asked out by Harry Edward Styles! Yeah, I knew who one direction was, I don't live under a cave I was actully a fan too. Ok yeah Heidi,and just a second a go I just won the olympics, she said clearly not beliving me. Its true I said, then I showed her the voicemail he had sent me to remind me about our date. OMG! Your going out with Harry Styles. Yep I said clearly proud of my self. Well, come on girl we have to get you ready! I still have three hours Mica, I said while laying on my bed ready to take a nap. No, you need to get ready NOW three hours is nothing! she said in shock. She then pulled me up a carried me to the shower. After I had showered, I was laying out my outfit which was going to be a abercrobie shirt,jeans, and converse. What are you doing? Mica asked. Picking out my outfit what the hell does it look like, I said trying to sound like Louis Tomlinson. Are you insane! Your are going on a date with Harry Styles! With that said she went to her suit case,and pulled out the most beautiful dress I  had ever seen in my entire life. It was,short ,strapless,it had a sweetheart neckline,the top of it was lace,and the bottom of the dress was a light pink. It was simple yet beautiful, then she went to her duffel bag,and pulled out some six inch black stilletos. Here she said, now this is what you wear on a date with Harry Styles. I slipped on the dresss,and heels, Mica then led me to the bathroom to get started on my makeup. She applied to my eyes a sparkly black eyeshadow she did it very light so it would make my big brown eyes pop. The she applied mascara, but she said I didn't need eyeliner. While she was doing my makeup I stared down at my arms a million memories flashed thru my mind,reminding me about my past,but the thought of Harry's green eyes,and warming smile made all the pain go away. Mica then applied nude lipsick,and clear lipgloss. After, she put my hair in a high bun, that was messy yet elegant, then she curled the strands that she didn't put up. There, she said. With  that said she turned me around. Wow,I said, the girl in the mirror did'nt look like me she was even more beautiful then my natural self. You look really beautiful Heidi like you always do, Mica said. Thanks Mic,I couldn't have done it without you. Then I heard someone knock on the door. I opened it,and saw the woman that worked at the front desk. Are you Ms. Heidi she asked. Yes I am, she then handed me a note, and led me to the entrance of the hotel. After that she said good luck,and with that she left. The note read:

                            Heidi, I was going to pick you up but I thought this would be more romantic. Follow the clues,and they will lead you to me,

                                    Harry xxxxxx

I walked outside of the hotel,and saw an arrow I followed it. It turned out there was more than one arrow, when I was done there I saw a horse drawn carriage that had my name on it. I went up to it, and they driver asked If I was "Ms.Heidi". I said Yes ,and we were off. After the carriage ride the driver parked to carriage in a park,and told me to follow the path of white rose petals. When I was done I looked up from the ground, and saw a pair of green eyes staring at me. Hi Heidi said Harry, before I could speak he grapped my hand,and blindfolded me. Where are we going Harry I said. He picked me up bridal style,and I felt us step into something. Once he set me on the ground, I took the blindfold off I stood there dumbfouned. We were on the top of the eiffel towere there was white rose petals scattered every where,and an elegant dinner table set up, with candles. Harry wow, I said shocked no one had ever done anything so special for me. He led me over to the table, where there was dinner set up. Heidi he said. Yes,Harry. I've never met anyone like you,and I know we just met but I feel like I have known you for a thousand years, I love you Heidi he said. Harry I said, yes love. I have never met anyone with you either,and nobody has ever done anything as romantic,and special as this for me, I love you too Harry. With that said we ate, after we ate Harry sang to me. Heidi he said. Yes, Harry. Will you be my official girlfriend? Yes I would love to be your girlfriend Harry, I said with a smile. He wrapped his arms, around my waist,and kissed me. We looked into each others eyes, I love you  Heidi he said, I love you too Harry. We then laid down,and cuddled under the stars.

A/N : Hey Heidi what did you think? :) 


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