it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


14. zayn

(zayns pov)

i woke up at 6 and put some fruit on the table for taylor. i left a note telling her what to do and how to get to the hotel.  i check out a room for us and we have to be out by 8 tommorow. i ran to the store and grabbed some vanilla candels because they are her favorite. i grab some beers and head to the flower shop down the street and grab a single red rose. i also grab tons of rose pedals. i go back to the hotel and light the candels and sprinkel rose pedals on the floor and put the single rose on the middle of the bed. i got dressed into some jeans and a white t shirt. i get a call at 8 and she is on her way. i hear a knock at the door. i run over and open it slightly i see taylor in sweat pants and a white v neck t shirt. i let her in and she smiles. "its soo pretty" she sais and hugs me. we sit on the bed and i pull out a beer for each of us. i open one and hand it to her she takes a sip and smiles at me as i drink mine. i hane her the rose. she smells it and looks up at me she uses her finger to motion me to come here. she grabs me and pulls me in and kisses me. "its hot in here im gunna out on some shorts." she sais. she digs in the bag she brought and grabbed some fuzy sleep shorts. she took off her sweats and put the shorts on.she pulled back the covers and patted the bed. i tok of my shirt and hopped in. we cuddled up and fell asleep. we woke up at 1 we got dresed and headed to nandos for lunch. we ate untill we were sick. we headed back and she said "can i take a shower i didnt take one yet"  "im one step ahead" i replied. i led her to the bathroom and ran her a hot bath i put some bath salts in and put some rose pedels in it.i put some bubble bath in the water and stirred it up so the water was bubbly. she walked in with nothing on but a towel i led her to infront of the bath and i kissed her neck. i whispered on her neck "enjoy babe" i walked out and shut the door. about an hour later she walked out in her towel adn her hair was wet. i couldnt help but stare. she walked towards me and slipped. "i started laughing and she jojned in. i helped her up her towel still covered sadly just kidding..maybe. she grabbed her clothes and wen back into the bathrrom. she came out in red jeans and a white t shirt. she threw me a smile and walked to me and whispered "kiss me" i kissed her. we sat in bed and watched family guy and kissed, at 10 we got ready for bed. and went to sleep . at 5 taylor woke me o up saying it was time to go.

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