it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


16. naill part 2

(taylors pov)

 i ran down stairs and so did louis zayn made pancakes.we all ate and i kissed zayn a long kiss before leaveing . i grab my clutch ( a minni purse with no streaps like a big fance wallet) and i put some money in it, i puy my black lip in holding some of my hair back and walk up to lou. "so love how do i look" i say with a cute smile. " too hot" he replies i kiss him for a few seconds and look around " oh yah really hot" they all say. i walk up to harry and kiss him like i did lou and same to liam. " well ya ready liam" i say "yep" he replies. "where are yall going " harry asks "yah its nialls day" lou buggs in "im driving her there" he said "well i wanna come "lou an dharry said. i look at zayn and walk over i kiss him " do you want to come to zayn" i ask "no i wanna go to sleep i had my fun with you" he replies "well come on we only have and hour and 15 minute to get there" i say. lou grabs clothes on and we head out. "we put on one directions cd and the boys sing.i sit in between harry and louis. i held lous hand and harrys hand we would sneak a few kissews in here and there and liam would yall "EY CUT IT OUT BACK THERE" and the three of us would giggle. finally we pulled up and i saw niall with a blanket on the ground and a basket a rather large one to.he is dressed nice and is holding a rose. there is a man standinng next to him and he is holdnine a professinal camera. i get out by crwaling over harry and he smacks my butt i turn around and glare and say " ypur lucky your cute styles" and he winks. i say good bye and give liam a quick kiss goodbye and thanks him for driving i say good bye as they drive away.

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