it all started in pre-k . niall and taylor were best freinds, but when taylor
moved away in 5th grade. they never spoke again untill she moved back now 18 and they catch up but when he introuduces her to the band a love hexagon forms her head is plastered in the middle.


23. my day/holly scally

(taylors pov)

"hi im taylor" i say "hi im holly" she said. she opens her eyes and looks at me with a smile that soon turns into a frown. "ew arent you hanging out with one direction. i saw you on the news kissing the boys. you must know niall." she sais "um yah we go back since kids until i moved the we met agian and we dated a bit but we are off right now its a long story," i say "well im nialls ex girlfreind before he went on the x factor he dated me . but we broke up because he had to focus on his coreer." she said " yah he said he dated some girl but he never got in to detail" i say "yah well i have to go tell niall i said hello" she said as she got out and scurried away. she was rude. i got out and came home i missed the boys. i walked in and hey were sitting on the couch watching football (in america its soccer) i smiled adn said "im back but dont ask me my decision till tommorow. they ran and group hugged me and i sa on the couch between liam and harry i sta in nialls lap. i staddle niall and say " guess who i ran into today" "who" he sai "holly" he gives me a puzzeled look. "yall dated before the x facter" i said "oh that holley oh um what did she say." "she said yall dated but brooke up before the x factor and when she first sall me she said ew arent you the girl who hangs out with one direction she was really rude." i said "and niall looked relieved. "why is there somthing that happened betwween you that i need to know" i aksed "well not really" he said "niall" i said "THEY RAN INTO EACHOTHER AT THE PARK WHEN YOU WERE WITH ME AND THE KISSED AND THEY WENT BACK TO HER PLACE AND THEY KISSED AGAIN AND NIALL ALMOST GOT LUCKY. BUT THE TV WAS ON AND A TALK SHOW WAS ON AND THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT A GIRL SEEN WITH ONE DIRECTION AND THEY SHOWED PICTURE OF YOU AND ALL OF US KISSING SO HE FELT BAD AND LEFT.................OH. AND HIS HAND WAS IN HER SHIRT"  HE ALSO TOLD ME THAT YALL DID IT!! AND YAL WERE EACHOTHERS FIRST. HAHAHAH I THINK WE ALL KNOW WHO SHE WAS GUNNA CHOOSE BUT MAYBE NOT ANYMORE lou yelled. niall glared and lou "YOU WERE NOT SUPPPOSED TO TELLL HER LOU I TOLD YOU CUZ I TRUSTED YOU AND I FELT BAD ANY WAY" niall yelled back. the other boys  looked confused  but i was alert and i knew exactly what happened. i got of niall and ran upstairs. i go in bed and started crying.

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